Dr. Goulas, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente's Faculty of Engineering Technology. He is appointed as part of the "Sector Plan Techniek" with focus area "Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing". Dr. Goulas is a Metallurgical Engineer & Materials Scientist, currently leading research in the field of 3D printing processes for large scale applications and novel materials for 3D printing. He also contributes with materials science and characterisation experience in 3D-Bioprinting research projects.

Dr. Goulas holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Delft University of Technology and a Diploma (MSc) in Mining & Metallurgical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. He has also studied General Management at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his Postdoc at TU Delft he contributed to the development of multimaterial WAAM. Dr. Goulas has extensive experience in Research & Development, technology start-ups and engineering consultancy. He is currently representing RAMLAB BV in the Grade2XL EU research programme, where he is leading 2 work packages.

Dr. Goulas has also participated in international academic exchanges, including atomic scale studies of bainite at the Max Planck Institute of Iron Research in Düsseldorf and fatigue behavior of bainitic spring steels at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. He teaches several courses, including "Materials Science 1," and "Materials and Manufacturing Processes" and as a guest lecturer for "3D Printing: Processes and Use," and Manufacturing systems". Additionally, Dr. Goulas serves as an Advisor for Fraunhofer innovation platform, where he advises on 3D metal printing and materials, and as a Board Member for Authenticfoundation, where he helps develop an international network of Greek nationals in Academia.


  • Material Science

    • Spring Steel
    • Microstructure
    • Temperature
    • Austenite
    • Ferrite
    • Bainite
    • Low Carbon Steel
    • Heat Treatment



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