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An enthusiastic, open-minded engineer who completed his PhD on plasma-enhanced catalytic ammonia synthesis at the University of Twente in 2022. Graduated from the University of Twente (MSc Chemical & Process Engineering). Currently working at Koolen Industries as Technology Expert Power-to-X and Technology Manager at the Ammonia Energy Association, and visiting researcher at the University of Twente.


  • Chemical Engineering

    • Ammonia
    • Ammonia Synthesis
    • Nitrogen
    • Carbon
    • Hydrogen
  • Chemistry

    • Plasma
    • Procedure
    • Energy


Plasma-enhanced catalytic ammonia synthesis

Ammonia may be one of the energy carriers for the hydrogen economy. However, the activation of dinitrogen is difficult and the conventional ammonia synthesis occurs high temperatures and high pressures (400-500°C and 100-450 bar). Therefore, alternative technologies are studied, especially for small-scale, on-demand applications.

Plasma-enhanced catalysis is an emerging technology to overcome scaling relations in heterogeneous catalysis. The bond in dinitrogen can be activated by a plasma, allowing for milder ammonia synthesis conditions. However, plasma-catalyst interactions are complex and not well understood. In the current study, plasma-enhanced catalytic ammonia synthesis is studied from the catalysis perspective.


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Other contributions

Rouwenhorst, K.H.R., Van der Ham, A.G.J., Mul, G., Kersten, S.R.A., Power-to-Ammonia-to-Power (P2A2P) for Local Electricity Storage in 2025, NH3 Fuel Conference. Oral Presentation. (2018)

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University of Twente

Horst Complex (building no. 20), room ME363
De Horst 2
7522 LW Enschede

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