K.I.H. Mingoti Poague MSc (Kasandra)

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I am originally from Brazil, where I got my bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering and my master's degree in Sanitation, Environment and Water Resources from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. I have been working with research for the past seven years on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). During my bachelor's I worked with WASH from the social perspective focusing on minorities living in vulnerable situations. In my master's I had the chance to work in the environmental health field, exploring the links between WASH and neglected tropical diseases (more specifically, soil-transmitted helminthiasis and schistosomiasis mansoni). Now, as part of the Geohealth team in the EOS department, my PhD focuses on WASH in schools and COVID-19. I'm always working towards my career goals as a researcher whose work can significantly contribute to reducing inequality and health disparities.


Medicine & Life Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Social Sciences


Ribeiro , T. B., Emrich, A. L., Santos, J. , Mingoti Poague, K. I. H., & Chernicharo, C. A. D. L. (2019). Desenvolvimento de separadores trifásicos modulares para reatores UASB tratando esgoto sanitário. 1-6. Paper presented at 30º Encontro Técnico AESabesp - Congresso Nacional de Saneamento e Meio Ambiente, São Paulo, Brazil. https://seminarioetessustentaveis.ufc.br/anais/
Salim, D. , Mingoti Poague, K. I. H., Emrich, A. L., Lobato, L. C. D. S., de Freitas, I. C. C., & Chernicharo, C. A. D. L. (2019). Vídeos pedagógicos para o ensino: Estações de tratamento de esgoto. In F. dos Santos (Ed.), Meio Ambiente Em Foco (pp. 50-61). Poisson.
Mingoti Poague, K. I. H. (2019). Inovação e melhorias na qualidade do Ensino de Graduação da UFMG – GIZ. XXIII Semana de Graduação da UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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