When a patient is diagnosed, a challenging and emotional journey is started. Being informed is key for navigating this period. Cancer patients experience difficulties with getting adequate information about their illness, in a manner that fits their personal preferences and needs. The lack of personalised patient education for breast cancer patients results in, amongst others, serious mood problems, a distorted risk perception, decisional regret and a lower quality of life. To empower breast cancer patients to participate in shared decision-making, information should be made more understandable. Efforts have previously been made to personalise information content. However, personalisation of information presentation (including amount, timing, complexity, perspective, style and navigation) is relatively unexplored.

We are designing personalised presentations of digital information for and with breast cancer patients. The project uses a human centered design approach that includes not only patients by focus groups, questionnaires, co-design sessions and evaluation, but also includes input from digital information providers. The final results will be evaluated prototypes including design guidelines that can be applied to different information topics as presented on the platforms of our partners.


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