I work as a project coordinator and student supervisor at the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group of the Faculty of Science and Technology, 

In addition, I have been appointed as a UT confidential counselor (also known as a confidential advisor) to provide shelter, guidance, and aftercare for people who suffer from undesirable behavior: sexual harassment, aggression and violence, bullying, and discrimination. Some examples of sexual harassment are sexual remarks, assault, or rape; examples of bullying are not being invited to lunch or being systematically thwarted in your work.

I have a confidentiality obligation and will not take any action without your consent.
You can tell me your story and if you want I can also think along with you about what to do. In serious cases you can also file a formal complaint against someone, I can help you with that.

If you suffer from undesirable behavior, I am beside you. You don't have to defend yourself with me. I will start with what you tell me and will think along with you on that basis.

I can speak fluently English, Dutch, and Spanish so we can talk in the language you prefer.



University of Twente

Carré (building no. 15), room C1347
Hallenweg 23
7522 NH Enschede

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