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Estimating weakening on hillslopes caused by strong earthquakesCommunications Earth and Environment, 5(1), Article 81, 1-14. Xi, C., Tanyas, H., Lombardo, L., He, K., Hu, X. & Jibson, R. W. the use of explainable AI for susceptibility modeling: Examining the spatial pattern of SHAP valuesGeoscience Frontiers, 15(4), Article 101800. Wang, N., Zhang, H., Dahal, A., Cheng, W., Zhao, M. & Lombardo, L. rainfall-induced landslide inventories and rainfall thresholds for MalawiLandslides, 21(6), 1403-1424 (Accepted/In press). Niyokwiringirwa, P., Lombardo, L., Dewitte, O., Deijns, A. A. J., Wang, N., Van Westen, C. J. & Tanyas, H. thaw slump susceptibility in the northern hemisphere permafrost regionEarth surface processes and landforms (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Makopoulou, E., Karjalainen, O., Elia, L., Blais-Stevens, A., Lantz, T., Lipovsky, P., Lombardo, L., Nicu, I. C., Rubensdotter, L., Rudy, A. C. A. & Hjort, J. fatal landslides at global scales: a summary of topographic, climatic, and anthropogenic perspectivesNatural hazards, 120, 6437-6455 (Accepted/In press). Fidan, S., Tanyaş, H., Akbaş, A., Lombardo, L., Petley, D. N. & Görüm, T. modeling of landslide size by combining static, dynamic, and unobserved spatiotemporal factorsCatena, 240, Article 107989. Fang, Z., Wang, Y., van Westen, C. & Lombardo, L. of beta regression for the prediction of landslide areal density in South Tyrol, Italy . Moreno, M., Opitz, T., Steger, S., Westen, C. v. & Lombardo, L.–time landslide hazard modeling via Ensemble Neural NetworksNatural hazards and earth system sciences, 24(3), 823-845. Dahal, A., Tanyaș, H., Westen, C. v., Meijde, M. v. d., Mai, P. M., Huser, R. & Lombardo, L. spatio-temporal landslide susceptibility to landslide risk forecastGeoscience Frontiers, 15(2), Article 101765. Wang, T., Dahal, A., Fang, Z., van Westen, C., Yin, K. & Lombardo, L. graphical regression for jointly moderate and extreme Australian wildfiresSpatial statistics, 59, Article 100811. Cisneros, D., Richards, J., Dahal, A., Lombardo, L. & Huser, R.

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