Lisette is professor by special appointment at the University of Twente, holding a chair in "Smart ecological monitoring of aquatic systems".
Over the years, stimulated by the urgency of the ecology crisis this planet is facing, she became more and more interested in making ecological principles operational for aquatic ecosystem management and conservation. She is head of the Aquatic Knowledge centre Wageningen or AKWA, a translational science unit at the NIOO-KNAW. AKWA translates state-of-the art fundamental scientific knowledge to encompassing solutions for the complex problems water users face in the light of fast environmental changes. Her current research spans the continuum from fundamental scientific research to applied research. Importantly, she builds on fundamental scientific insights to answer applied questions. As complex environmental issues require a multifaceted approach, she often adopts a team science approach, also reflected in her co-chair position at the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON).


Ancillary activities

  • NIOO-KNAWSenor Scientists/Head of research group
  • Community of Experts - ESF - European Science FoundationReviewer
  • Ecological AuthorityExpert
  • Ecological authorityExpert advice
  • GLEONChairperson
  • OBN Laagveen + zeekleiExpert
  • SILChairperson
  • Wiley Publishing houseEditor

Research profiles

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