dr. L.O. Bonino da Silva Santos MSc (Luiz)

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About Me

I'm currently working as Associate Professor at the Semantic, Cybersecurity and Service group at the University of Twente and at the BioSemantics group, in the department of Human Genetics at the Leiden University Medical Center.

My main research topics are the FAIR principles, semantic interoperability, ontology-driven conceptual modelling and intelligent systems design. Since 2014 I have been closely involved in designing and leading the implementation of a number of technologies and approaches to support the realisation of the FAIR principles.


Data Management
Machine Learning
Work Flow
Social Sciences
Medical Data


Together with my position at the University of Twente, I am also Associate Professor in the BioSemantics Group at the Leiden University Medica Center, in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Since 2014 I have been closely involved in the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) movement. More specifically, I have participated in the research, design and development of a number of approaches and technologies to enable and/or facilitate the realisation of the FAIR principles such as FAIR metrics, FAIR Data Point, FAIRifier, FAIR Data Train and FAIR Digital Objects Framework.


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