dr. M.A. Lopuhaä - Zwakenberg (Milan)

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Pronunciation: [ˈmilɑn loʷpuˈɦaʔa ˈzʋakəmbɛrχ]

I am an assistant professor at the FMT group, working on the CAESAR project under Mariëlle Stoelinga. My research focuses on mathematical properties of privacy, security and safety metrics and their applications. In particular I have studied differential privacy and its applications in data aggregation, machine learning, and distributed computing. My current research is on metrics for attack trees.


In the past I have also done research on comparative Indo-European linguistics, especially Albanian, and arithmetic algebraic geometry. My PhD thesis was on moduli spaces of abelian varieties.



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  5. Reza Soltani, Matthias Volk, Leonardo Diamonte, Milan Lopuhaä-Zwakenberg & Mariëlle Stoelinga, forthcoming. Optimal spare management via statistical model checking: A case study in research reactors. FMICS 2023.
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  1. MLZ & Mariëlle Stoelinga, 2021. Attack time analysis in dynamic attack trees via integer linear programming.
  2. MLZ & Jasper Goseling, 2021. The Privacy-Utility Tradeoff of Local Differential Privacy.
  3. MLZ, Boris Škorić & Ninghui Li, 2019. Information-theoretic metrics for Local Differential Privacy protocols.
  4. MLZ, 2017. Integral models of reductive groups and integral Mumford-Tate groups



PhD Thesis (2018): Moduli of abelian varieties via linear algebraic groups

MA Thesis (2014): Form, function and history of the present suffix -i/-ën in Albanian and its dialects

MSc Thesis (2014): Pink's conjecture on semiabelian varieties

BA Thesis (2012): Nasaalpresentia in het Albanees

BSc Thesis (2011): Field topologies on algebraic extensions of finite fields

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