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Influence of the Template Layer on the Structure and Ferroelectric Properties of PbZr<sub>0.52</sub>Ti<sub>0.48</sub>O<sub>3</sub> FilmsACS Omega, 7(26), 22210-22220. Lucke, P., Nematollahi, M., Bayraktar, M., Yakshin, A. E., Elshof, J. E. t. & Bijkerk, F. driven plasma produced from laser-preformed tin microdroplets for high-brightness EUVIn Compact EUV and X-ray Light Sources, EUVXRAY 2022, Article ETh5A.7. Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA). Versolato, O. O., Schupp, R., Behnke, L., Mostafa, Y. Y., Bouza, Z., Lassise, A., Bayraktar, M., Sheil, J., Hoekstra, R. & Ubachs, W.Generation of 2-micrometer wavelength laser-light to drive euv-emitting plasmasIn Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources, MICS 2022, Article JW5A.8. Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA). Behnke, L., Mostafa, Y. Y., Schupp, R., Bouza, Z., Lassise, A., Bayraktar, M., Sheil, J., Hoekstra, R., Ubachs, W. & Versolato, O. O.
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