prof.dr.ir. M. Boon (Mieke)

Full Professor


Philosophy Of Science
Scientific Knowledge
Engineering Science


Boon, M. (2017). Philosophy of Science in Practice: A Proposal for Epistemological Constructivism. In H. Leitgeb, I. Niiniluoto, P. Seppälä, & E. Sober (Eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science: Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Congress (pp. 289-310). College Publishing.
Boon, M. (2017). Measurements in the engineering sciences: an epistemology of producing knowledge of physical phenomena. In N. Mößner, & A. Nordmann (Eds.), Reasoning in Measurement (pp. -). (History and philosophy of technoscience). London: Routledge.
van Baalen, S. J., & Boon, M. (2017). Evidence-based medicine versus expertise: knowledge, skills and epistemic actions. In R. Bluhm (Ed.), Knowing and Acting in Medicine (pp. 21-38). Rowman & Littlefield International.
Boon, M. (2015). The scientific use of technological instruments. In S. O. Hansson (Ed.), The Role of Technology in Science: Philosophical Perspectives (pp. 55-79). (Philosophy of Engineering and Technology; No. 18). Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-94-017-9762-7_4
Boon, M. (2015). Contingency and inevitability in science - Instruments, interfaces and the independent world. In L. Soler, E. Trizio, & A. Pickering (Eds.), Science as it could have been: discussing the contingent/inevitable aspects of scientific practices (pp. 151-174). Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.
Boon, M., & Knuuttila, T. (2014). Bruch mit dem Epochenbruch. Der Fall der Ingenieurswissenschaften. In A. Nordmann, H. Radder, & G. Schiemann (Eds.), Strukturwandel der Wissenschaft. Positionen zum Epochenbruch. (pp. 82-96). Germany: Velbrueck Wissenschaft.
Boon, M. (Ed.), de Boer, R., van den Bosch, P., van Dijk, W., Kikidis, S., van Laar, R., ... van der Vlugt, N. (2014). The High Tech, Human Touch Magazine: 2014 Edition. Enschede: Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS).

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