ir. M. Bui (Michael)

PhD Candidate

About Me

I have an interdisciplinary academic background with a BSc degree in Creative Technology (cum laude) and two MSc degrees in Interaction Technology (cum laude) and Electrical Engineering. Additionally, I am an alumnus of DesignLab's Transdisciplinary Master-Insert. My current research interests include Bayesian statistics, benefit transfers, statistical simulations, and preference / expert elicitation.

As a PhD candidate at the Health Technology and Services Research section, I focus on meta-regression models for benefit transfers of quantitative patient preference information. The aim is to examine when and how existing evidence can be re-used/extrapolated to function as supportive evidence in patient-centred medical product decision-making (endpoint selection/benefit-risk assessments). Successful benefit transfers may alleviate the need for de novo patient preference studies, which would reduce research efforts, costs and patient burden during the medical product lifecycle.


Bui, M., Oberschmidt, K. , & Gr├╝nloh, C. (2023). Patient Journey Value Mapping: Illustrating values and experiences along the patient journey to support eHealth design. In M. Stolze, F. Loch, M. Baldauf, F. Alt, C. Schneegass, T. Kosch, T. Hirzle, S. Sadeghian, F. Draxler, K. Bektas, K. Lohan, & P. Knierim (Eds.), MuC '23: Proceedings of Mensch und Computer 2023 (pp. 49-66). Association for Computing Machinery. https://doi.org/10.1145/3603555.3603558

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University of Twente
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