I am Assistant Professor of Land Informatics within the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management. My work has previously focused on application of Qualitative Spatial Knowledge Representation and Reasoning to spatial map alignment (the discovery of correspondences between a pair of maps); modeling customary and other non-statutory land tenure systems (as contrasted with modern legal land tenure categories); and Computer Vision methods for semantic sketch understanding (this is applied in the context of sketch based land tenure mapping).

My current interests in terms of both research and application include design and implementation of information systems to support customary land tenure information management; and distributed and decentralized systems in geographic information acquisition, distribution, and management.

Technically my work involves the application of methods from Graph matching, Knowledge representation including ontology modeling with owl and logic programming with ASP, foundational computer vision techniques, and I am now increasingly employing tools from the distributed and decentralized systems domain (hashtable based data distribution techniques, consensus models and algorithms, network structures and data routing).


  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

    • Land
    • Land Right
    • Tool
    • Cartography
    • Purpose
  • Computer Science

    • Models
    • Application
  • Social Sciences

    • Land Tenure




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