dr.ir. M.C. van den Berg (Marc)

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Marc van den Berg develops circular urban mining futures. His research line uncovers innovative (de)construction practices that enable reuse, now and in the future. He thereby rethinks the existing built environment as an urban mine where waste becomes a resource. His research explores the profound implications for managing such resource flows; from the information needs of demolition contractors to the challenges that designers face in applying circularity. Marc likes collaborating with a wide range of parties along the reverse value chain to develop actionable circularity transition pathways for tomorrow.



van den Berg, M. C. (2024). Digital technology use cases for deconstruction and reverse logistics. In C. De Wolf, S. Çetin, & N. M. P. Bocken (Eds.), A Circular Built Environment in the Digital Age (pp. 197-212). (Circular Economy and Sustainability). Springer Nature. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-39675-5_11
Jiang, L. , van den Berg, M. C. , Voordijk, H. , & Adriaanse, A. A. (2023). BIM-based circularity assessments across project phases. In 39th Annual ARCOM Conference 2023, Leeds, United Kingdom (pp. 318-327)
Jiang, L. (2023). Circularity assessment in a BIM environment. [EngD Thesis, University of Twente]. University of Twente.
Anastasiades, K., Dockx, J. , van den Berg, M., Rinke, M., Blom, J., & Audenaert, A. (2023). Stakeholder perceptions on implementing design for disassembly and standardisation for heterogeneous construction components. Waste Management and Research, 41(8), 1372-1381. https://doi.org/10.1177/0734242X231154140
van den Berg, M., Schraven, D., Schultheiss, F., & Frese, T. (2021). (Re)organizing circular design projects: Four tool applications and reflections. In S. Shahnoori, & M. Mohammadi (Eds.), The second International Conference of Circular Systems for the Built Environment (ICSBE2-2021) (pp. 169-181). Eindhoven University of Technology. https://research.tue.nl/files/199989647/ICSBE2_2021THE_STATE_OF_CIRCULARITY.pdf
Other Contributions
Platform CB'23 (2023). "Leidraad circulair ontwerpen: Werkafspraken voor een circulaire bouw." from Leidraad_Circulair-ontwerpen_2-0.pdf (platformcb23.nl)

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My (Bachelor and Master) courses are about designing circular civil engineering systems.

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Courses Academic Year  2022/2023


Active participant in leading circular construction research and industry networks, such as the 4TU Circularity and Sustainability Domain Acceleration Team. 

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In the press

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