prof.dr.ir. M.C. van der Voort (Mascha)

Professor Human Centred Design

About Me

Mascha van der Voort (1974) is a professor in Human Centred Design at the Faculty of Engineering Technology and scientific co-director of the DesignLab of the University of Twente. With a background in both civil engineering and human-centred product design, Mascha likes to work across disciplines in application fields ranging from automotive, policy making, to healthcare. She is passionate about creating impactful and meaningful solutions to the challenges we face as society.

Mascha is convinced that true innovation can only arise from a cross-disciplinary approach and co-creation. As a professor in Human Centred Design she continuously develops new design approaches and tools for eliciting real user needs, anticipating product use and accessing the use related expertise of stakeholders by actively involving them in development or change processes. Acknowledgement of the use related expertise of each stakeholder is key to this elicitation process. Overall aim of the chair on Human Centred Design is to support the development of products and services that meet the needs and wishes of all stakeholders. Scenario-based and participatory design approaches and tools are developed that facilitate cross-disciplinary and level  knowledge exchange between stakeholders and the design team. Techniques as workshops, gaming and virtual reality are frequently part of these design supports.

Concurrently, Mascha teaches subjects related to human-centred and scenario-based design, human factors and research methods. She was one of the founders of the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) educational programs at the University of Twente in 2001. Moreover, in 2014 she co-established the DesignLab, of which she is currently scientific co-director.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Systems Analysis
Human Engineering
Basin Management
Railroad Cars
Information Systems
River Basin
Social Production
User Centered Design
User Interfaces

Ancillary Activities

  • De Posten
    Lid Raad van Toezicht
  • NVAO
    Toetsing nieuwe opleidingen (vervolg)
  • Mesmerising Concepts


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