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Maaike Endedijk works as an associate professor in Professional Learning in Organizations at the department Educational Sciences. Her main research interest is in self-directed professional learning at the workplace, with a focus on the technology, health and education sector. In her research projects, she is developing innovative measurement techniques (e.g., using sensor technology) to understand and improve individual and team learning processes. In addition, she also studies learning and professional identity development of students in the transition from education to work. Her dissertation, for example, was focused on student teachers’ self-directed learning. She is a teacher in the program Educational Science & Technology and coordinator of the Module Professional Learning in Organizations.


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My main research line is focused on  self-directed professional learning at the workplace, both on the individual and team-level. My ambition is to use innovative measurement techniques (e.g., sensor technology and a mobile app) to get more insights in the black box of workplace learning processes. These new technologies enable me to do research in an authentic context using intensive longitudinal methods and contribute to better understanding of the dynamics, predictors and outcomes of these learning processes. This descriptive and explanatory research is the starting point for developing interventions (e.g., feedback tools and adaptive micro-interventions in the app) in order to support workplace learning of professionals and in this way facilitating continuous learning. Most of my research is located in the health and the technology sector, including both current employees as students during the transition from (higher) education to the labour market. 


Giesselink, M., Hubers, M. D., & Endedijk, M. D. (2017). Is jouw organisatie klaar voor zelfsturend leren?NSCU magazine.
Endedijk, M. D. (2017). Workplace based learning, teaching and assessment. How does it work?. Paper presented at 5th International Conference for Research in Medical Education 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Endedijk, M. D. (2017). De zin en onzin van 70:20:10. Paper presented at HRD Werkvelddag 2017, Enschede, Netherlands.

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I am a teacher of the course Regulation and facilitation of workplace learning, which is part of the MSc Educational Science & Technology program. In this course we do what I love most: discuss different theories as a foundation for practical solutions to facilitate workplace learning. Students visit companies, analyse the corporate curriculum and give grounded advice on how to facilitate employees' workplace learning. In addition, I am a coordinator of the BSc Module Professional Learning in Organizations. In this module, students act as a consultancy team to tackle a challenge of an organisation related to professional learning. Besides these formal courses, I am also supervising students during their Final Project.

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