M.E.C. Lubbers MSc MRes (Myrthe)


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"My main goal is to contribute to the quality of education and to help people getting to their full potential. Therefore, I work as a junior researcher/data analyst at ELAN, section of Teacher Development."

* Research into Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in secondary education. By using text mining and time series analysis in R, I investigate how reflective professional inquiry develops over time and whether this contributes to the effectiveness of PLCs. Methodological research: comparison between different research methods (AI techniques versus manual coding).
* Research in co-creation with the Carmel school community: midterm review.
* As a member of the Acceleration Plan for Educational Innovation with IT (Lecturer Professional Development zone), I investigate the initiation and implementation of nationally developed innovations for lecturer professional development in the field op educational innovation with IT: 1) current situation in the Dutch higher education, and 2) what factors are facilitating or hindering. The Acceleration Plan is a collaboration between the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, and SURF.

- Quality of education
- Innovation in education
- EdTech, ICT in education (e.g. learning analytics, distance learning, VR, AI, etc.)
- Teacher development, especially Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
- Data use in education
- Methodological research (AI, text mining, time series, etc.)
- Complex systems theory

- Bachelor (BSc) in Pedagogical Sciences (Utrecht University)
- Research master (MScRes) in Behavioral Science (Radboud University)
- Master (MA) in World Religions (KU Leuven)


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University of Twente
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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