dr. M. Farnaghi (Mahdi)

Assistant Professor

About Me

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Department of Geo-Information Processing (GIP), Enschede, The Netherlands.

My primary research interest has been in the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and geodata processing (or GeoAI, in short). During Ph.D., I worked on solutions based on semantic web concepts/technologies and AI to generate geodata processing workflows automatically. After the Ph.D., I extended my research further into the spatial data science and big data processing fields, where I have been using machine learning (ML) for spatio-temporal modeling in different application areas, including environmental monitoring, analysis and assessment, disaster management, and spatial epidemiology. I exploited big data processing technologies and deep learning (DL) methods to extract information from the massive amount of spatial data collected for environmental phenomena. I have also been working on geospatial social media analysis using ML methods and am interested in exploiting new technologies like blockchain and distributed ledgers to tackle the need for security and accountability in the geospatial domain.

Currently, I am working in the following directions:

-          Spatial and spatio-temporal effects in modeling using ML/DL

-          eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

-          Spatial data fusion

-          MLOps and automation of geoprocessing workflows


Adam, F., Leclair, R., Mora, B., Stancioi, N., Roth, T. , Farnaghi, M. , Girgin, S. , & Vekerdy, Z. (2021). A versatile Cloud Computing environment to facilitate African-European partnership in research: EO AFRICA R&D Innovation Lab. Poster session presented at Living Planet Symposium, LPS 2022, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6606914
Aturinde, A. , Farnaghi, M., Pilesjö, P., Sundquist, K., & Mansourian, A. (2021). Spatial analysis of ambient air pollution and cardiovascular disease (CVD) hospitalization across Sweden. GeoHealth, 5(5), 1-20. Article e2020GH000323. https://doi.org/10.1029/2020gh000323
Faramarzi, H., Hosseini, S. M., Pourghasemi, H. R. , & Farnaghi, M. (2021). Forest fire spatial modelling using ordered weighted averaging multi-criteria evaluation. Journal of Forest Science, 67(2), 87-100. https://doi.org/10.17221/50/2020-JFS
Hansson, E., Mansourian, A. , Farnaghi, M., Petzold, M., & Jakobsson, K. (2021). An ecological study of chronic kidney disease in five Mesoamerican countries: associations with crop and heat. BMC public health, 21, 1-10. Article 840. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-021-10822-9

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University of Twente
Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
Langezijds (building no. 19), room 1342
Hallenweg 8
7522NH  Enschede
The Netherlands

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University of Twente
Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
Langezijds  1342
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

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