M. Georgiou MBA (Michail)

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I come from Athens, Greece and my passion is negotiations. While running my own business for seven years and dealing with various business and sales negotiations in the retail industry, I decided to enhance my theoretical background and did a Master in Business Administration with focus on business negotiations and a Master in International Negotiations in Athens University of Economics and Business, where I was co-host in one of the most prominent international negotiation competitions, "The Negotiation Challenge", in April 2022.

Each of these experiences inspired my passion for research on negotiations and lead me to apply for a PhD position in University of Twente, in a project that will link theory and practice and hopefully have a substantial societal impact, since ransomware attacks are an increasing phenomenon nowadays and organisations, both public and private ones, try to increase their cyber-resilience. I strongly believe that through forming coalitions involving researchers and companies and working together in life-long learning workshops, this goal can be achieved. 


My PhD research focuses on negotiations with ransomware criminals. The use of ransomware has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with businesses and individuals alike being targeted by attackers, thus ransomware is being identified as one of top 5 threats to countries globally, according to the World Economic Forum in 2022.

My research aims to understand the processes of an organisation that experiences a ransomware attack, from the first response strategy to the decision-making process of whether to negotiate with the attacker or not, which both define the negotiation process that might follow. By diving deeper into the negotiation itself and by analyzing the negotiation logs, we will be provided with the necessary information that is needed to identify strategies, patterns, communications errors and more.

All these will lead to the development of training programs for the organisations, both those affected and those that haven't yet, but want to become more cyber resilient and through collective learning workshops the societal impact of this research will be apparent.

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