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The research carried out in the PCF group under my (co-) supervision is aimed at understanding how macroscopic behaviors of soft matter originate from the microscopic interactions between the (molecular or colloidal) constituents. Dissemination of the obtained insights via conferences and peer reviewed papers is an integral part of this research. I also consider it important to enthuse students and young researchers, and prepare them for a career in either science or engineering.

CURRENT RESEARCH AREA: Soft Matter, Colloids, Interfaces, Microfluidics, Particle Tracking, Rheology.

The field of soft matter is very much alive, with ongoing developments in both the materials (complexity and functionality) and the applications of external fields to manipulate their behavior. Within this scope, I focus on soft matter at different length scales (from ions to colloids to liquid drops) at interfaces. Both solid and liquid interfaces provide a template for adsorption, ordering and wetting, and consequences hereof can also be found further away from the interface. These physico-chemical behaviors are studied on the microscale with confocal microscopy, microfluidics and surface techniques like AFM, ellipsometry and QCM.

In the future I want to expand along these lines. A particular interest will be to increase our understanding of the effects of roughness (particles and/or substrates) and spatial confinement (by solid or liquid interfaces) on the interactions, dynamics and assembly of colloids at and near the interface. This should provide fundamental insights, with an outlook on applications in areas like coatings, emulsification, filtration, etc.


Engineering & Materials Science
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Rao, A. , Mugele, F. , & Duits, M. (2021). Reactivity of Mineral-Water Interfaces: A Game-changer for Adsorption.. Poster session presented at CHAINS 2021, Veldhoven, Netherlands.
Rao, A., Ayirala, S. C., Alotaibi, M. B. , Duits, M. H. G., Yousef, A. A. , & Mugele, F. (2021). Nonmonotonic Coupled Dissolution-Precipitation Reactions at the Mineral-Water Interface. Advanced functional materials, 31(51), [2106396]. https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.202106396
Rao, A. , Kumar, S. , Annink, C. , Le-Anh, D., Alotaibi, M. B., Ayirala, S. C. , Siretanu, I. , Duits, M. , Mugele, F., & Yousef, A. A. (2020). Artificial diagenesis of carbonates: Temperature dependent inorganic and organic modifications in reservoir mimetic fluids. In Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference 2020, IOR 2020 Society of Plastic Engineers. https://doi.org/10.2118/200331-MS

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