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Maarten J. Arentsen is professor (associate) energy innovation at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Since the early 1990s he researches socio-technical change and innovation in gas and electricity markets, in particular market liberalisation and implications, the emergence and development of renewable energy technologies and impact on the organisation and functioning of energy markets and more recently, the emergence and development of the biobased economy. He has published numerous articles, papers and book chapters and co-edited several books on the topics. He teaches graduate students in engineering sciences on energy markets, energy management and innovation (MEEM and SET). He also coordinated the design of a new master program on Bioresource Value Chain Management, starting in September 2018 as specialisation track in the Master Sustainable Energy Technology. In MEEM he coordinates the energy track. He is leading partner in two Horizon 2020 projects (BET and Phoenix) and he participates with a strategic project in the EFRO funded program Mineral Valley Twente.


He is member for two international academic networks on innovation and change in energy supply (reform and eseia) and member of the editorial board of two energy journals. He is UT representative in NERA, eseia (general assembly), Kiemt and BEON and one of the two scientific members of the top sector energy initiated E-Brigade in the region east aiming at increasing the participation of social sciences in the regional energy transition.


Between 1995 and 2004 he participated as vice-director, in the management of CSTM, at that time the sustainable development research institute of the University of Twente.



Engineering & Materials Science
Natural Gas
Earth & Environmental Sciences


My current research focuses on institutional design for energy transition and the regional biobased economy.


Maier, S., Narodoslawsky, M., Borell-Damián, L. , Arentsen, M., Kienberger, M., Bauer, W., Ortner, M., Foxhall, N., Oswald, G., Joval, J. M. , Krozer, Y., Urbanz, T., Sakulin, C., Tihamer-Tibor, S., & Dobravec, V. (2019). Theory and practice of European co-operative education and training for the support of energy transition. Energy, sustainability and society, 9(1), Article 29. https://doi.org/10.1186/s13705-019-0213-4


One of my current projects is about the design of a sustainable future for intensive life stock farming in the region of Twente. This project is part of  Mineral Valley Twente 

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