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  • 04-2015/present: Associate Professor at University of Twente, Department of Water Engineering and Management, Enschede, NL
  • 11-2002/03-2015: Assistant Professor at University of Twente, Department of Water Engineering and Management, Enschede, NL
  • 10-2001/10-2002: Postdoc at University of Twente, Department of Civil Engineering, Water Resources Management, Enschede, NL
  • 10-1997/10-2001: PhD student at University of Twente, Department of Civil Engineering, Water Resources Management, Enschede, NL
  • 05-1997/09-1997: Hydrologist at Service for the Rural Area, Utrecht, NL


  • 10-1997/04-2002: PhD degree. University of Twente. Water Engineering and Management. 
  • 09-1992/01-1997: MSc degree. Wageningen Agricultural University. Specialisation Hydrology en Water Management.
  • 08-1991/08-1992: Propedeutic exam. Wageningen Agricultural University. Study Soil Water Atmosphere.

Conferences and workshops

  • 2017, July 10-14: Session W3 and W19 at IAHS 2017, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. [session convenor, speaker, book of abstracts]
  • 2017, March 9-10: First International Conference on Emerging Trends in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. [keynote speaker, Booij, Martijn J., Past and future climate change impacts on streamflow: hydrological modelling and uncertainties]
  • 2016, April 17-22: Session HS 2.4.3 and SSS 7.4/HH 8.3.9 at EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. [session convenor, speaker, poster, book of abstracts]
  • 2015, June 22-July 2: IAHS Workshop HW02 at IUGG2015, Prague, Czech Republic. [speaker]
  • 2014, December 15-19: Session H33N at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco CA, USA. [speaker, posters]
  • 2013, April 7-12: Session HS2.6 at EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. [poster: Heerema, Kor, Booij, Martijn J., Huting, Ric, Warmink, Jord J., Van Beek, Eelco and Jigjsuren, Odgarav, Modelling impacts of climate change on the hydrology of a Mongolian catchment using an appropriate permafrost conceptualization., book of abstracts]
  • 2012, October 23-25: Theme 3 - Uncertainty analysis and model diagnostics at PUB Symposium, Delft, the Netherlands. [poster: Tian, Ye, Booij, Martijn J. and Xu, Yue-Ping, Uncertainty in high and low flows due to parameter and model structure errors.]
  • 2011, June 28-July 7: IAHS Symposia J-H02 and H03 at IUGG2011, Melbourne, Australia. [speaker, poster: Booij, Martijn J., Van den Tillaart, Sander P.M. and Krol, Maarten S., Risks in hydrological modelling due to uncertainties in discharge determination., proceedings]
  • 2010, October 13-14: CHR RheinBlick2050 Final Colloquium, Bonn, Germany. [participant]
  • 2010, May 2-7: Session HS4.10 and HS11.4/AS1.22/NH1.12 at EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. [session convenor, speaker, poster, book of abstracts]
  • 2009, November 18-20: UT-ITC Master class Water Research and Management, Enschede, the Netherlands. [invited speaker, Booij, Martijn J., Hydrological modelling in Pakistan and Iran: glaciers and evapotranspiration]
  • 2009, September 6-12: Symposia JS.4, HS.1 and HS.2 at the Joint IAHS & IAH Convention, Hyderabad, India. [speaker, proceedings]
  • 2009, May 13-14: JSTP Workshop on Integrated Water Management, Beijing, China. [speaker]
  • 2008, June 18-20: Scientific Workshop on the Court of Miracles of Hydrology, Paris, France. [poster: Booij, Martijn J. and Krol, Maarten S., Balance between calibration objectives in hydrological modelling., book of abstracts]
  • 2008, January 19: Symposium on Integrated Water Resource Management, Bandung, Indonesia. [invited speaker, abstract: Booij, Martijn J., Uncertainty in climate change impacts on peak discharges]
  • 2007, December 15: Seminar on Climate Change and Water Issues, Lahore, Pakistan. [invited speaker, Booij, Martijn J., Climate change impacts on hydrology in the world and the Netherlands (with uncertainty)]
  • 2007, July 2-13: IAHS Symposium HS2004 at IUGG 2007, Perugia, Italy. [speaker, poster: Booij, Martijn J., Deckers, Dave L.E.H., Rientjes, Tom H.M. and Krol, Maarten S., Reduction of predictive uncertainty in flows at ungauged basins., proceedings]
  • 2006, November 2-3: NCR Days, Enschede, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 2006, June 28: IAHS Mini-Symposium on Current Challenges and Future of Hydrology, Delft, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 2006, June 8-10: International Conference on Hydrological Sciences for Managing Water Resources in the Asian Developing World, Guangzhou, China. [session chairman, speaker, book of abstracts]
  • 2005, May 23-24: International Symposium on Stochastic Hydraulics 2005, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. [speaker, proceedings]
  • 2005, April 3-9: Symposium 6 of the 7th Scientific Assembly of IAHS, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. [speaker, proceedings]
  • 2004, November, 4-5: NCR Days, Wageningen, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 2004, June 14-17: Second Biennial Meeting of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society, Osnabrück, Germany. [speaker, proceedings]
  • 2004, March 18: Expert Meeting on Large Rivers and Climate Impact of KNAW Foresight Committee Hydrology, Amsterdam, the Netherlands [invited participant]
  • 2004, February 10-12: International Workshop on Flood Controls Decision Support Systems (FLOCODS), Hanoi, Vietnam. [session chairman, invited speaker, paper: Booij, Martijn J., Flood damage assessment and modelling in the Red River basin in Vietnam]
  • 2003, November 13: Workshop Low Flows Meuse, Heer-sur Meuse, Belgium. [invited participant]
  • 2003, June 30-July 11: IAHS Symposium HS02b at IUGG 2003, Sapporo, Japan. [speaker, proceedings]
  • 2003, June 24-25: CHR Workshop and Expert Meeting on Climatic Changes and their Effect on Hydrology en Water Management in the Rhine Basin, Ede, the Netherlands. [invited speaker, abstract: Booij, Martijn J., Impacts of climate change on flooding in the river Meuse]
  • 2002, November, 27-28: First International Scientific Meuse Symposium of ICBM, Maastricht, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 2002, November, 7-8: NCR Days, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 2002, October, 3: LASSA Workshop, Delft, the Netherlands. [invited speaker, abstract: Booij, Martijn, Determination and integration of appropriate spatial scales for hydrological simulation (in Dutch)]
  • 2002, June 24-27: First Biennial Meeting of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society, Lugano, Switzerland. [speaker, proceedings]
  • 2001, December 12-13: First MITCH workshop (EU Concerted Action), Delft, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 2001, September, 3-5: International Workshop on Catchment-scale Hydrologic Modeling and Data Assimilation, Wageningen, the Netherlands. [speaker, poster: Booij, M.J., Appropriate river basin modelling to assess the impact of climate change on river flooding., proceedings]
  • 2001, July 18-21: Workshop 1 of the 6th Scientific Assembly of IAHS, Maastricht, the Netherlands. [speaker, abstract: Booij, M.J., Model appropriateness with respect to the impact of climate change on river flooding.]
  • 2000, December 15: Workshop on Climate Change and Low Flows in the River Meuse (NOP2), Wageningen, the Netherlands. [invited participant]
  • 2000, November 1-3: European Conference on Advances in Flood Research, Potsdam, Germany. [poster: Booij, M.J., Extreme precipitation, uncertainty and appropriate scales for assessment of climate change effect on river flooding.]
  • 2000, October, 26-27: NCR Days, Soesterberg, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 2000, September 14: Surface Water Hydrology Workshop, Delft, the Netherlands. [invited speaker, abstract: Booij, Martijn J., The impact of climate change on river flooding: model appropriateness and uncertainties. Effect of spatial and temporal resolution.]
  • 2000, June 25-29: XIII International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources, Calgary, Canada. [speaker, proceedings]
  • 2000, May 10-12: ECLAT-2 Blue Workshop EW-3 (EU Concerted Action), Lage Vuursche, the Netherlands. [participant]
  • 1998, August 17-20: Second Conference on Climate and Water, Espoo, Finland. [poster: Booij, M.J., Appropriate river flood modelling with respect to climate change.]
  • 1998, February 26-27: Second RIBAMOD Workshop (EU Concerted Action), Wallingford, UK. [speaker, proceedings]


Special issue guest editor

Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (volume 36, issue 13, 2011) “Impact of land use and water management on hydrological processes under varying climatic conditions” (with Renata J. Romanowicz)

Journal reviewer

Acta Geophysica, Advances in Geosciences, ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, Climatic Change, Environmental Management, Environmental Modelling and Software, Hydrological Processes, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Hydrology Research, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Journal of Climate, Journal of Earth System Science, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Hydroinformatics, Journal of Hydrology, Journal of Spatial Hydrology, Journal of Zhejiang University-Science A, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, Mountain Research and Development, Nature Geoscience, Water International, Water Resources Management, Water Resources Research, IAHS Red Books

Proposal reviewer

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO-ALW), Austrian Science Fund (FWF), French National Research Agency (ANR)

International work visits

  • 2015, June: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. [CSC projects: member of PhD defense committee, cooperation on hydrological modelling, climate change impacts]
  • 2013, November: Institute of Geophysics, Warsaw, Poland. [cooperation on non-stationary hydrological model parameters, flood forecasting and climate change impacts, presentations]
  • 2013, September: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. [CSC projects: member of PhD defense committee, cooperation on hydrological modelling, climate change impacts]
  • 2013, January: LabMath Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia. [KNAW SPIN programme: training and selection workshop, field visits]
  • 2012, February-March: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. [CSC project: cooperation on hydrological modelling, climate change impacts and downscaling methods, presentations]
  • 2012, January: Universitas Gadjah Mada - Yogyakarta and LabMath Indonesia - Bandung, Indonesia. [KNAW SPIN programme: proposal preparation, workshop, field visits]
  • 2010, June-July: LabMath Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia. [KNAW mobility programme: teaching and supervising in training and research workshop, presentations]
  • 2008, January: LabMath Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia. [KNAW mobility programme: teaching in course week and supervising in project week of research workshop, presentations]
  • 2007, December: University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. [cooperation on hydrological modelling, regional climate models and climate change, presentations]
  • 2006, June: Three Gorges University – Yichang, Yangtze river commision – Wuhan and Sun Yat-Sen University - Guangzhou, China. [KNAW project: presentations, set-up of cooperation]
  • 2002, July-August: Institute of Mechanics, Hanoi, Vietnam. [EC FP5 project FLOCODS: cooperation on decision support systems and hydrological modelling, presentations, field visits]
  • 2002, July: Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. [EC FP5 project FLOCODS: cooperation on hydrological modelling]
  • 1996, November-December: Agricultural University of Norway, Ås, Norway. [MSc research: data analysis, modelling]
  • 1996, February-May: INTA, Santiago del Estero, Argentina. [internship: field work, modelling]


  • International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)
  • European Geosciences Union (EGU)
  • Top-Down modelling Working Group for PUB (TDWG)
  • Dutch Hydrological Society (NHV)


Low Flow
Climate Change
River Basin


Booij, M. J., Zomerdijk, L., Xu, Y-P., & Krol, M. S. (2017). Evaluation of different multi-model ensemble combinations for flood forecasting. 62-62. Abstract from IAHS 2017 Scientific Assembly, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Schyns, J., Booij, M. J., & Hoekstra, A. (2017). Water for wood products versus nature, food or feed. Abstract from EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria.
Tongal, H., & Booij, M. J. (2017). Quantification of parametric uncertainty of ANN models with GLUE method for different streamflow dynamics. Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment, 31(4), 993-1010. DOI: 10.1007/s00477-017-1408-x
Brouwer, T., Eilander, D., Van Loenen, A., Booij, M. J., Wijnberg, K. M., Verkade, J. S., & Wagemaker, J. (2017). Probabilistic flood extent estimates from social media flood observations. Natural hazards and earth system sciences, 17(5), 735-747. DOI: 10.5194/nhess-17-735-2017
Hajihosseini, H., Hajihosseini, M., Morid, S., Delavar, M., & Booij, M. J. (2016). Hydrological assessment of the 1973 treaty on the transboundary Helmand River, using the SWAT model and a global climate database. Water resources management, 30, 4681-4694. DOI: 10.1007/s11269-016-1447-y
Zheng, D., van der Velde, R., Su, Z., Wen, J., Wang, X., Booij, M. J., ... Ek, M. B. (2016). Impacts of Noah model physics on catchment-scale runoff simulations. Journal of geophysical research : Atmospheres, 121(2), 807-832. DOI: 10.1002/2015JD023695
Xu, Y., Zhang, X., & Booij, M. J. (2016). Improved simulation of peak flows under climate change in Lanjiang catchment, East China. Abstract from 13th Annual Meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 2016, Beijing, China.

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