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Maarten J. IJzerman is a full professor in the department of Health Technology and Services Research in the University of Twente and the VCCC Chair of Cancer Health Services Research in the School of Population and Global Health and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences in Melbourne Australia.  He is leading a global research team working on data-driven value-based cancer care and the role of molecular diagnostic for personalized medicine, in particular cancer and childhood arthritis. He research expertise is health economics, clinical decision support and health services research.

Following his PhD in 1997, he was appointed CEO of the Roessingh Rehabilitation Research Institute. In 2007 he was appointed professor and chair in the University of Twente, where he initiated the HTSR department, directed the Health Sciences program (2007-2011), served as the acting director of the MIRA institute for Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine (2013-2014) and was the vice-dean for Health & Biomedical Technology in the School of Science and Technology (2015-2017).

Maarten is an active global researcher. He developed international research experience at Case Western Reserve University / Metrohealth (Cleveland, USA), Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Baltimore, USA) and recently the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, USA). He is an active member of international societies, such as the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), where he was a member of the Board of Directors between 2013-2015, and the program chair for the 20th European meeting (2017) in Glasgow, UK. Maarten is a member of the Board of Directors of a large teaching hospital (Maximá Medisch Centrum) and an institute for radiation oncology (Radiotherapiegroep) in the Netherlands.


Delivery Of Health Care
Decision Making
Costs And Cost Analysis
Breast Neoplasms
Patient Preference
Surveys And Questionnaires

Ancillary Activities

  • NMS ventures bv
  • Radiotherapiegroep
    Lid Raad van Toezicht
  • Stichting int health techn services
    Bestuur stichting
  • Maxima Medisch Centrum, Veldhoven
    Lid Raad van Toezicht


IJzerman, M. J., Wissing, T. B., & de Koning, E. (2017). Early health economic evaluation of bioartificial organs: Involving users in the design of the bioartificial pancreas for diabetes. In D. Stamatialis (Ed.), Biomedical Membranes And (Bio)artificial Organs (pp. 245-261). (World Scientific Series in Membrane Science and Technology: Biological and Biomimetic Applications, Energy and the Environment; Vol. 2). World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd. DOI: 10.1142/9789813223974_0009
Schop, A., Kip, M. M. A., Stouten, K., Dekker, S., Riedl, J., van Houten, R. J., ... Levin, M-D. (2017). The effectiveness of a routine versus an extensive laboratory analysis in the diagnosis of anaemia in general practice. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry. DOI: 10.1177/0004563217748680

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I am committed to teaching in graduate programs in the University of Twente and Melbourne as well as international short-courses for the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)

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