In 2013, I started as a student at the Saxion University of Applied Science, in Chemie and graduated for my masters in Sustainable Energy Technology in 2019. Since September 2019, I'm working as a PhD candidate in the Photocatalytic Synthesis group (PCS) of prof. Guido Mul in collaboration with company Biomass Technology Group (BTG). My focus is on the electrochemical upgrading of pyrolysis oil. 


Pyrolysis oil recovered from biomass is researched as alternative fuel. A challenge however is the relatively low quality of this oil, due to a high moisture and oxygen content. Additionally, the oil contains certain compounds that are chemically unstable and corrosive. These chemically unstable and corrosive compounds need to be removed in order to increase the bio-oil quality.

Various methods are used to upgrade the bio-oil, like catalytic hydrogenation. This method suffers from catalyst degradation and is energy intensive since it operates at moderate temperature and pressure. An upgrading method is desired that operates at mild pressure and temperature and is relatively inexpensive and sustainable. A possibility is found in electrochemical techniques.

My project will investigate the feasibility of sustainable, electrochemical conversion of liquid biomass derived products (‘bioliquids’) into fuel intermediates or precursors. 

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