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Dr. Michel L. Ehrenhard FRSA holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Organization Theory / Organizational Behavior) from the University of Twente, for which he received the 2010 Best Dissertation Award from the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management – the oldest and largest scholarly management association in the world. Previously, he obtained an MSc. in Public Administration from the University of Twente and completed the Dr. Hendrik Muller honors program of the Social Scientific Council (SWR), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Early 2018, he became a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (RSA). 

His research is published in various outlets including the Journal of Business Venturing, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Social Science & Medicine, New Media & Society, Government Information Quarterly, and the Journal of Organizational Change Management. Of the various Ph.D. students he co-supervised, three received their Ph.D. degree with distinction, of which one also received the 2017 Best Dissertation Award from the Entrepreneurship division of the Academy of Management. He is part of the team that in 2014 received one of the first six awarded Twitter #datagrants for studying online cancer awareness campaigns such as #Movember. Furthermore, he was part of the team that received the best developmental paper in leadership award at the British Academy of Management conference. Since 2011, Michel is a visiting professor at the Leadership Center of the University of Texas at Dallas; and since his sabbatical in 2015 an affiliated research fellow at the SME department of the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. In 2019, he was a visiting scholar at the University of St. Andrews' School of Management and Copenhagen Business School's PRME office. Also, he has acted as an external reviewer for the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Together with various colleagues, Michel has managed to acquire over 1 million EUR in research grants.

Since 2017, he is the program director for the BSc. and MSc. in (International) Business Administration. He primarily teaches in the BSc. and MSc. in (International) Business Administration and the Executive MSc. in Risk Management. Furthermore, he is a member of the Faculty of BMS Resilience Research program committee, the BMS Lab Advisory Board and the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering. Previously, he coordinated the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy specialization within the MSc. of Business Administration and the double degree MSc. program in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability jointly offered by the Technische Universität Berlin and the University of Twente. Also, he chaired the Program Committee of the BSc. and MSc. in (International) Business Administration, the Institute Council of the university’s IGS research institute, and the Faculty Council of the School of Management & Governance. Next to academia, he obtained business experience in a food processing SME, a big four consultancy and a Dutch central government ministry.




Why and how do executives, top managers and entrepreneurs create, sustain and resist disruptive technological and social change? And, how are such strategic change processes enabled and constrained by (a) institutional and market pressures, (b) organizational culture and politics, and (c) organizational design and performance management? These key questions at the intersection of organization theory, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship drive both research and teaching.

This research can be labeled as ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’ – basically encouraging initiative at all organizational levels in the long-term interest of the organization. More precisely, three key questions are central. First, how can organizations manage to stay ahead of, or even shape the Schumpeterian creative destruction cycle? Second, entrepreneurial leadership demands certain organizational characteristics and behaviors, how to implement and evoke these respectively, if not or only scarcely present, and, in which contexts are they most effective? Third and foremost, organizations have an ever-increasing role, and thus responsibility, in our societies due to the growth of entrepreneurial activity, a shift from the public to the private sector, and the emergence of global enterprises. Hence, how to act responsibly in relation to the embedding of organizations in their communities and society in general?

Michel has worked with organizations in a wide variety of sectors, but particularly in professional services (incl. government, finance, and nonprofits), information and communication technology, and (health) care.


  • Entrepreneurial leadership and strategic management of disruptive change
  • Corporate responsibility, institutional entrepreneurship, social movements
  • Entrepreneurial and executive decision-making and cognition
  • Organizational design, politics, culture and performance management, including technology implementation



  • Finalist best environmental and social practices paper award, Organisation and Management Theory division, Academy of Management, 2019; with Timo Fiorito
  • Best paper, Subtheme 20: Invisible/silent aspects of change, European Group for Organization Studies conference, 2016; with Raymond Loohuis
  • Best developmental paper award, Leadership and Leadership Development, British Academy of Management, 2015; with Johannes Rank, Anna Overath, Stella-Oriana Strüfing, Nadja Ebel, and Martin Funck
  • Twitter #datagrant for proposed research into cancer awareness campaigns such as Movember, 2014; with Tijs van den Broek, Djoerd Hiemstra, and Ariana Need
  • Best dissertation award, Public and Nonprofit Division, Academy of Management, 2010



    • Van den Broek, T.A., Need, A., Ehrenhard, M.L., Priante, A. & Hiemstra, D.J. (2019). The influence of network structure and prosocial cultural norms on charitable giving: A multilevel analysis of Movember's fundraising campaign in 24 countries. Social Networks. [link]
    • Frederiks, A.J., Englis, B.G., Ehrenhard, M.L. & Groen, A.J. (2019). Entrepreneurial cognition and the quality of new venture ideas: An experimental approach to comparing future-oriented cognitive processes. Journal of Business Venturing, 34(2), 327-347. [link]
    • Priante, A., Ehrenhard, M.L., Van den Broek, T.A. & Need, A. (2018). Identity and collective action via computer-mediated communication: A review and agenda for future research. New Media & Society, 20(7), 2647-2669. [link]
    • Koelewijn, W.T., Ehrenhard, M.L., Groen, A.J. & Van Harten (2014). Exploring personal interests of physicians in hospitals and specialty clinics. Social Science & Medicine, 100, 93-98. [link]
    • Koelewijn, W.T., Ehrenhard, M.L., Groen, A.J. & Van Harten (2012). Intra-organizational dynamics as drivers of entrepreneurship among physicians and managers in hospitals of western countries. Social Science & Medicine, 75(5), 795-800. [link]



    • Nieuwenhuis, L. J.M., Ehrenhard, M. L., & Prause, L. (2018). The shift to Cloud Computing: The impact of disruptive technology on the enterprise software business ecosystem. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 129, 308-313.
    • Ehrenhard, M. L., & Fiorito, T. L. (2018). Corporate values of the 25 largest European banks: Exploring the ambiguous link with corporate scandals. Journal of Public Affairs, 18(1), e1700.
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    • Ehrenhard, M.L., Kijl, B. & Nieuwenhuis, L.J.M. (2014) Market Adoption Barriers of Multi-stakeholder Technology: Smart Homes for the Ageing Population, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 89, 306-315.
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    • Ehrenhard, M.L., Muntslag, D.R. & Wilderom, C.P.M. (2012) Challenges to Implementation of Fiscal Sustainability Measures, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 25(4), 612-629.
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    • Ehrenhard, M.L. (2009) The Structuration of Managing for Results: A Practice Perspective on Middle Managers in the Dutch Central Government, Enschede: University of Twente – PhD thesis, ISBN#978-90-365-2819-1, 376p. [http://dx.doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036528191]; awarded Best Dissertation 2010, Public and Nonprofit division, Academy of Management.


      Loohuis, R. , Ehrenhard, M. , & Millar, C. (2021). Mobilizing Values and Action through Framing Strategies in Creating a Regional Bio-energy Niche. In K. April, & B. Zolfaghari (Eds.), Values-driven Entrepreneurship and Societal Impact: Setting the Agenda for Entrepreneuring Across (Southern) Africa (pp. 65-78)
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      Kuijpers, K. , & Ehrenhard, M. (2019). The Impact of Vertical Complexity on Inclusive Practice Adoption to Institutional Pressures. Paper presented at 79th Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019, Boston, United States.
      Kuijpers, K. , & Ehrenhard, M. (2019). Cross-National Institutional Pressures, Governance Structures and Inclusive Practice Adoption. Paper presented at 79th Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019, Boston, United States.
      Ehrenhard, M. L. , & Hatak, I. (2018). Leading Effectively in a VUCA World: Constellations of Leadership and Personality Characteristics. Paper presented at 78th Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2018, Chicago, United States.
      Stienstra, M. R. (2018). Does expertise drive the preference for effectuation over causation? A cross-nation study into the role of cognitive styles, national culture and education. University of Twente. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036545211
      van den Broek, T., Langley, D. , & Ehrenhard, M. (2017). Activist versus slacktivist: A dual path model of online protest mobilization. In 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, AOM 2015 (pp. 1386-1391). (Academy of Management proceedings; Vol. 2015, No. 1). Academy of Management. https://doi.org/10.5465/AMBPP.2015.166
      van den Broek, T. A., Walker, E. , Ehrenhard, M. L. , Priante, A. , & Need, A. (2017). Collective action in context: A multi-level analysis of movember teams' effectiveness. Paper presented at 77th Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017, Atlanta, United States.
      Kuijpers, K. , Ehrenhard, M. , & Groen, A. (2017). ‘Shattered glass’: Assessing the influence of mass media on legitimacy and entrepreneurs’ adoption of new organizational practices. Paper presented at 25th Annual High Technology Small Firms Conference, HTSF 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
      Hatak, I. , & Ehrenhard, M. L. (2017). Organizational resilience in a VUCA world: The interplay of leadership and personality characteristics. Paper presented at PDMA Annual Research Forum 2017, Chicago, United States.
      Other Contributions
      • Member of the BMS Lab Advisory Board, 2018-
      • Reviewer for the VENI grant scheme of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), 2018
      • Reviewer for the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), 2018
      • Member of BMS Resilience Research program committee, faculty of BMS, 2017-
      • Program director Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration and Master of Science in Business Administration, 2017-
      • Reviewer for the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), 2017
      • Member of a DARE research seminar panel on "Bringing in context and generalizing results - a paradox or antidote" together with Roy Thurik (Erasmus University) and Davide Ianuzzi (VU University), December 2, 2016, VU University, Amsterdam
      • Member editorial board Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 2016-
      • Member editorial board PSU Research Review, 2016-
      • Ad-hoc reviewer: e.g., Research Policy, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, British Journal of Management, Technovation, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Managerial Psychology, BMC Health Services Research, Information Systems Management, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Creativity and Innovation Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, International Journal of HRM, Journal of Public Affairs, SAGE Open
      • Co-organizer of a 2016 Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop “Teaching Sustainability to Managers: Reframing as an Effective Pedagogical Tool” with Bhutiani, P. Nair, Groen, Dess, Farber and Belousova
      • Co-chair (with Dilek Cetindamar, Sabanci University) of a 2016 R&D Management conference track titled “Social Innovation”
      • Member evaluation committee 2nd round Tech4People investment scheme, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, 2016
      • Co-organizer of the 2016 “#SupportTheCause” symposium (with Tijs van den Broek, Ariana Need, Anna Priante (BMS), Djoerd Hiemstra and Dong Nguyen (EWI)) on online protest and advocacy campaigns with speakers from academia and industry, incl. Twitter and Sanquin representatives.
      • Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy track (incl. the Innovative Entrepreneurship profile) within the MSc in Business Administration, 2015-2016
      • Co-organizer of a 2015 Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop “Teaching Sustainable Strategies to Managers: Science, Practice and Philosophy” with Bhutiani, P. Nair (organizers), Haugh, Dess, Merchant, Stubbs, Groen, Love, Burke (discussants), Bhutiani, P. Nair, Hicks, B. Nair, Ogbanufe (presenters)
      • Chair of the Program Committee (OLC) BSc and MSc (International) Business Administration, 2015-2016
      • Co-organizer of the 2015 “Innoveren en Veranderen door Sociaal Ondernemen” symposium for SMEs on Inclusive Entrepreneurship, jointly organized by Extend MVO / Soweco and NIKOS / University of Twente
      • Member Program Committee (OLC) BSc Advanced Technology, 2014-
      • Member of NIKOS management board, 2014-
      • Member (Chair since May 2015) of the Institute Council of the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS), 2014-
      • Coordinator of the MSc double degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the Berlin Institute of Technology, 2012-
      • Member of Faculty Advisory Committee for appointment of new dean for School of Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences, 2014
      • Member of steering committee for merger School of Management and Governance and School of Behavioral Sciences, 2013-2014
      • Member as employee representative (Chair since Sept. 2011) of the Faculty Council of the School of Management and Governance (since mid 2014 co-chair due to merger of School of Management and Governance and School of Behavioral Sciences), University of Twente, 2010-2015
      • Member 2014 Best dissertation award committee (with Robert Christensen (chair) and Amanda Girth), Public and Nonprofit division, Academy of Management
      • Reviewer for the 2014 Postacademic Researchers International Mobility Experience program of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
      • Member 2013 Best dissertation award committee (with Matthew Liao-Troth (chair) and Margaret Taylor), Public and Nonprofit division, Academy of Management
      • Presenter and roundtable host at a 2013 Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop titled: “What’s Holding Back Social Entrepreneurship? Removing the Impediments to Theoretical Advancement” with Susan Mueller, Bob D’Intino, Jennifer Walske (organizers), Tina Dacin, Scott Newbert, Jeffrey Robinson, Felipe Santos, Jason Senjem (presenters and roundtable hosts)
      • Co-organizer (with Padmakumar Nair and Jeff Hicks, both University of Texas at Dallas) of a 2010 Academy of Management conference caucus titled: “Entrepreneurial Passion: Powering an Economic Recovery?” with panelists Gregg Dess (University of Texas at Dallas), Aard Groen and Shaker Zahra (University of Minnesota)
      • Member of the jury for ‘Best PhD-student poster’ at the 2009 and 2011 Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies research day
      • Initiator and co-convened with Shaker Zahra (University of Minnesota) and Jeroen Kraaijenbrink the 2009 EGOS colloquium sub-theme 25: “Energizing Entrepreneurship: The Role of Industry Knowledge Structures in Creating, Assessing, and Embedding New Business Ventures
      • Co-organizer of the 8th NOBEM “PhD Conference on Business Economics, Management and Organization Science”, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

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      Michel's teaching is primarily on organization theory, organization change, leadership, entrepreneurship, and research design. Currently, he teaches in the BSc and MSc in (International) Business Administration and the Executive MSc in Risk Management. Previously, he has also taught in the BSc Advanced Technology and the BSc and MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management. Furthermore, he has provided guest lectures for a variety of other programs. Next to his work at the University of Twente, he has taught Innovation Management at TSM Business School. He has very much enjoyed successfully supervising over 200 bachelor and master thesis projects.

      Since 2017, Michel is the program director for the BSc and MSc in (International) Business Administration. Previously, he coordinated the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy specialization within the MSc of Business Administration and the double degree MSc program in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability jointly offered by the Technische Universität Berlin and the University of Twente. Also, he chaired the Program Committee of the BSc and MSc in (International) Business Administration.

      Affiliated Study Programmes





      Advisor for Ph.D. projects:

      • Justin Grabow (ongoing): Market Adoption of a Microtech Plant Medicin; with prof. dr. Frederik Wurm
      • Vidit Kundu (ongoing): Exploring the Spatial Diffusion and Knowledge Production Dynamics of the Clean Energy Sector and its Resilience to External Economic Shocks; with prof. dr. Karin Pfeffer and dr. Debraj Roy
      • Tina Hormann (ongoing): Impact Measurement of a Rural Service Marketplace for Europe; with prof. dr. ir. Bart Nieuwenhuis
      • Franziska Koefer (ongoing): Strenghtening Financial Inclusing through Digitalisation in Europe; with prof. dr. ir. Bart Nieuwenhuis
      • Timo Fiorito (ongoing): Responsibility and Integrity in the Dutch Financial Sector; with prof. dr. ir. Petra de Weerd-Nederhof and dr. mr. ir. Richard Hoff (DNB)
      • Koen Kuijpers (ongoing): Institutional Entrepreneurship for an Inclusive Labor Market; with prof. dr. Aard Groen
      • Andres Camargo Benavides (ongoing): The Role of Colombian Print Industry Cooperatives in Supporting Member SMEs’ Exploration and Exploitation Activities; with prof. dr. ir. Petra de Weerd-Nederhof and dr. Matthias de Visser
      • Ruud Koopman (ongoing): Coaching and Mentoring of Nascent Entrepreneurs; with prof. dr. Aard Groen
      • Anna Priante (defended 2019): #Identity Projects of Social Movement Organizations against Cancer: A Multi-level Study of the Influence of Online Identities on Offline Behaviors; with dr. Tijs van der Broek, prof. dr. Ariana Need and dr. Djoerd Hiemstra
      • Martin Stienstra (defended 2018): A Cross-cultural Perspective on Entrepreneurial Processes; with prof. dr. Aard Groen
      • Tijs van den Broek (defended 2016 with distinction): When Slacktivism Matters: On the Organization and Outcomes of Online Protest Targeting Firms; with prof. dr. Aard Groen and dr. David Langley (TNO)
      • Arjan Frederiks (defended 2016 with distinction; winner of the 2017 Heizer dissertation award, Entrepreneurship division, Academy of Management): On the Use of Imagination by Entrepreneurs; with prof. dr. Aard Groen
      • Silvia Fernandes Costa (European PhD advisor, defended 2015 with distinction at ISCTE-IUL): Uncovering the Business Opportunity Prototype: Cognitive and Learning Aspects of Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition in Higher Education; with prof. dr. António Caetano (ISCTE-IUL)
      • Wout Koelewijn (defended 2014): Doctors in Business: A Study into What Drives Physicians’ Entrepreneurship; with prof. dr. Wim van Harten and prof. dr. Aard Groen

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