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Currently part of a research project working on the project SIRA (Systems Integration for Railways Advancement), conducting research in the field of Systems Integration together with the NS and ProRail.


Business & Economics
System Integration
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Adaptation Strategy
Climate Change


An important step in studying or designing changing systems is to define the system of interest, or at the least to set bounds on the different aspects that are considered to be of interest. Limiting the scope of the study in complex systems and thus focusing available resources. The trend is that socio-technical systems are becoming increasingly more complex. Because of this, defining the system of interest (S.o.I.) also becomes more difficult. This is especially the case in railway transport, where there are constant modifications (technical, organizational, etc.) or new (sub)systems integrated, to achieve or keep achieving the desired performances. Here different organizations and multidisciplinary teams with  different  views,  skills,  responsibilities  and interests are working towards improved performance, all adding to the complexity.  Failure to properly manage changes can severely influence the quality of the designed process or system.

The advance planning and preparation of integration which includes defining the system of interest, should include the scope, purpose and environment of the S.o.I. and describe essential characteristics of it. Moreover, it should clarify the interfaces to other systems, including the input to be provided and the output that can be expected. In order to define the S.o.I., different stakeholders having different interests and perspectives of the S.o.I. need to have a common and integral view of it.  

In this regard, the goal of this Ph.D. research is to aid in defining the S.o.I. for inter-organizational projects in the complex railway context. This should facilitate a joint approach to create an integral view of the S.o.I.. In addition, aid to identify crucial factors of these S.o.I.s, to which proper attention should be paid which result in effective integration and finally upgrade railway system performance.

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  • ME-Masters Course Maintenance Engineering & Management
  • Master Class FMEA within Master Risk Management 
  • Master Class Systems Performance

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Courses Academic Year  2021/2022

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  • Vakblad Asset Management 2021, #1: Systeemintegratie. Voor beheer en onderhoud op kort termijn al onvermijdelijk.  https://issuu.com/nvdo7/docs/vam1_februari_2021
  • iMaintain Prestatiemanagement 2019: Creating Value. Systeemintegratie SIRA. https://imaintain.info/inschrijfpagina/prestatiemanagement-2019/

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