I am currently an assistant professor in the thermal engineering group at the University of Twente.I was a postdoctoral researcher from 2018 to 2019 at the same department working on advanced energy materials for thermal storage applications .From 2016 to 2018, I worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in Process & Energy department . There, I was involved in multidisciplinary projects dealing with nanomaterials for solar energy harvesting as well as microfabrication. Before that, as a post-doc at the University of Malaya, I have developed a new graphene based composite materials for thermal energy storage applications. I have pursued my Ph.D. (2012-2015) under the supervision of Prof. Metselaar in the advanced materials group at the University of Malaya. There, I have contributed to fundamental studies on  graphene materials for energy storage  as well as applications such as thermal energy storage and thermal-fluids.


  • Physics

    • Graphene
    • Nanofluid
    • Performance
  • Material Science

    • Composite Material
    • Thermal Conductivity
    • Graphene Oxide
  • Engineering

    • Graphene Nanoplatelets
    • Phase Change Material


My research interests are :

-       Thermal energy conversion and  storage

-         2D materials for energy storage

-          Renewable energy

-          Thermal-Fluid

-          Heat transfer 

My google scholar page shows my full publication record. 


2D titanoniobate-titaniumcarbide nanohybrid anodes for ultrafast lithium-ion batteriesJournal of power sources, 512, Article 230523. Zheng, J., Sun, C., Xia, R., Mehrali, M., Wang, Y., Zhao, K., ten Elshof, J. E. & Huijben, M. gellan-chitosan induced osteogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stromal cellsPolymers, 13(19), Article 3211. Genasan, K., Mehrali, M., Veerappan, T., Talebian, S., Raman, M. M., Singh, S., Swamiappan, S., Mehrali, M., Kamarul, T. & Raghavendran, H. R. B., properties, and biomedical applications of alginate methacrylate (ALMA)-based hydrogels: Current advances and challengesApplied Materials Today, 24, Article 101150. Hasany, M., Talebian, S., Sadat, S., Ranjbar, N., Mehrali, M., Wallace, G. G. & Mehrali, M. capacitance in all-inkjet-printed nanosheet heterostructuresEnergy Storage Materials, 36, 318-325. Wang, Y., Mehrali, M., Zhang, Y. Z., Timmerman, M. A., Boukamp, B. A., Xu, P. Y. & ten Elshof, J. E. Two-Dimensional V2O5/MXene Heterostructure Cathode for Lithium-Ion BatteryJournal of the Electrochemical Society, 168(2), Article 020507. Wang, Y., Lubbers, T., Xia, R., Zhang, Y. Z., Mehrali, M., Huijben, M. & Ten Elshof, J. E. solar-thermal energy harvesting and storage via shape stabilized salt hydrate phase change materialChemical Engineering Journal, 405, Article 126624. Mehrali, M., ten Elshof, J. E., Shahi, M. & Mahmoudi, A.

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