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Mila Koeva is an Associate Professor at the University Twente, International Institute of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation ITC, The Netherlands. She has a PhD on “3D modelling in architectural photogrammetry” from the University of Architecture, Civil engineering, and Geodesy in Sofia. She also holds an MSc. degree in Engineering (Geodesy) from the same institution.  Her main areas of expertise include 3D land Information, including Digital Twins and 3D Cadastre, image data acquisition and processing techniques (satellite, aerial, and UAVs), and automatic feature extraction for cadastral mapping and urban planning, among others. More specific, her research focuses is on the implementation of innovative geospatial and machine learning methods based on remotely sensed data in support of 3D urban modelling and cadastral applications. Her career includes ten years of working as a photogrammetric specialist and head of the photogrammetry department (www.gis-sofia.bg) with the main aim of producing accurate cadastral and topographic maps and three years of work in a private organization (www.mapex.bg) leading three EU projects related with geodetic, cadastral and photogrammetric activities.

She was a Project Coordinator/Leader of its4land, a multidisciplinary European Commission Horizon 2020 project, involving 8 academic and private-sector partners and 6 countries in Europe and Africa. Due to her scientific activities, she is selected to have an active part in international professional organizations chairing working groups and organizing scientific events e.g. co-chair ISPRS WG IV/10, co-chair of 3D GeoInfo 2018, ISPRS GSW 2019, FIG WW 2021, etc. She is regularly being invited to give invited talks or to be the keynote speaker on international events e.g. 3D GeoInfo 2021, UASG2021, GATE Big Data, FIG Cmmision7, GLTN 2020, GI Forum (WWU)2020,  etc. She is serving as guest editor for several special issues 3D Land Administration in LUP, MDPI RS4LA1, MDPI RS4LA2. She serves as Reviewer Board Member of ISPRS IJGI, MDPI Geomatics, Frontier Remote Sensing. A full list of scientific publications can be found on: Google Scholar and UT-site. Besides research international project activities, she is involved in education, including lecturing, course development, and supervision of MSc and Ph.D. students. In March 2017 she was ranked as one of the TOP 3 teachers of ITC 2016 - 2017.




Earth & Environmental Sciences
Land Rights
Land Tenure
Remote Sensing
Engineering & Materials Science
Remote Sensing
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Uav)


Persello, C., Wegner, J. D., Hansch, R., Tuia, D., Ghamisi, P. , Koeva, M., & Camps-Valls, G. (2022). Deep learning and earth observation to support the sustainable development goals: Current approaches, open challenges, and future opportunities. IEEE geoscience and remote sensing magazine, 10(2), 172-200. https://doi.org/10.1109/MGRS.2021.3136100
Kippers, R. , Koeva, M. N. , van Keulen, M. , & Oude Elberink, S. J. (2021). Automatic 3D building model generation using deep learning methods based on cityjson and 2D floor plans. In L. Truong-Hong, E. Che, F. Jia, S. Emamgholian, D. Laefer, & A. V. Vo (Eds.), The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences (Vol. XLVI-4-W4, pp. 49-54). (International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences). Copernicus. https://doi.org/10.5194/isprs-archives-XLVI-4-W4-2021-49-2021
Stöcker, C. (2021). Unmanned aerial vehicle mapping for responsible land administration. University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC). https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036553032
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From the University of Twente she holds a university teaching qualification (UTQ) and has diverse teaching background in small and large groups. Current teaching activities cover areas of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 3D Cadastre, GNSS, cadastral rejuvination, 3D modelling, BIM and Smart Cities. She supervised more than 15 MSc students of their master research and is regularly invited for external examiner.

She was voted as one of the TOP 3 teachers in ITC for 2016-2017.

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Project Coordinator of its4land, a multidisciplinary European Commision Horizon 2020 project, involving 8 academic and private-sector partners and 6 countries in Europe and Africa - www.its4land.com.

The main goal of its4land, an European Commission Horizon 2020 project is to develop innovative tools inspired by the continuum of land rights, fit-for-purpose land administration, and cadastral intelligence. its4land is using strategic collaboration between the EU and East Africa to deliver innovative, scalable, and transferrable ICT solutions. The innovation process incorporates a broad range of stakeholders and emergent geospatial technologies, including smart sketchmaps, UAVs, automated feature extraction, as well as geocloud services. The aim is to combine innovative technologies, capture the specific needs, market opportunities and readiness of end-users in the domain of land tenure information recording in Eastern Africa. The project consists of a four year work plan, €3.9M funding, and eight consortium partners collaborating with stakeholders from six case study locations in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda. The major tasks include tool development, prototyping, and demonstration for local, national, regional, and international interest groups. The case locations cover different land uses such as: urban, peri-urban, rural smallholder, and (former) pastoralist.

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