prof.dr.ir. M. Odijk (Mathieu)

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About Me

I am leading the research theme "Micro- and nanodevices for Chemical Analysis" as a part of the BIOS Lab-on-Chip group. Common denominator in my research is the application of microfluidics and microfabrication for use in the field of analytical chemistry. I have a specific interest in electrochemistry, mass spectrometry and optical detection. My aim is to explore new possibilities and unexplored directions offered by the advantages of micro and nanofabrication.


    Engineering & Materials Science
    Cell Culture
    Physics & Astronomy

    Ancillary Activities

    • Demcon Biovitronix
      Consulting work for Demcon Biovitronix


    Please see  our department page for more details about my research. 


    Srivastava, K., Boyle, N. D., Jorissen, K. F. A., Burgess, I. J., Van Der Stam, W. , Van Den Berg, A. , & Odijk, M. (2022). ATR microreactor: A tool for in-situ and spatial reaction monitoring. In 2022 IEEE Sensors, SENSORS 2022 - Conference Proceedings (Proceedings of IEEE Sensors; Vol. 2022-October). IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/SENSORS52175.2022.9967095
    Srivastava, K. , Jonker, D., Lafuente, M. , Susarrey-Arce, A. , van den Berg, A. , Gardeniers, H. J. G. E., van der Stam, W. , & Odijk, M. (2022). Fabrication of Si-Au nanocone-nanoparticle array for homogeneous enhancement factor in Raman scattering. In D. P. Tsai, T. Tanaka, & Y-J. Lu (Eds.), Plasmonics: Design, Materials, Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications XX [121970A] (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Vol. 12197). SPIE Press. https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2632955
    Vollertsen, A. R., Aydogmus, H., Pollet, A., van Meer, B. , van den Berg, A., Mastrangeli, M., Den Toonder, J. , Odijk, M. , & van der Meer, A. (2022). Connecting labs for higher level organ-on-chip systems: integration of a pH sensor and a blood vessel-on-chip on a standardized platform. Paper presented at EUROoCS Annual Meeting 2022, Grenoble, France.
    Bossink, E. G. B. M. (2022). Recreating the gut on-chip: Sensors and fabrication technologies for aerobic intestinal host – anaerobic microbiota research. [PhD Thesis - Research UT, graduation UT, University of Twente]. University of Twente. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036553995
    Führer, P. (2022). Electrochemical reactions on-chip: Combinations with mass spectrometry for drug screening and proteomics. [PhD Thesis - Research UT, graduation UT, University of Twente]. University of Twente. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036553513
    Vollertsen, A. R., Le, K., van den Hil, L., Vermeul, K., van Meer, B. , van den Berg, A., Orlova, V. V., Kumar, V. , Odijk, M. , & van der Meer, A. (2021). Dynamic inflammatory stimulation of hiPSC-endothelial cells in a multiplexed microfluidic chip. Paper presented at EUROoCS Annual conference 2021, Uppsala, Sweden.
    Broccoli, A. , Vollertsen, A. R., Roels, P., van Vugt, A. , van den Berg, A. , & Odijk, M. (2021). Local deposition of nanoparticles on a PDMS Microfluidic device. In 25th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences: 10 - 14 October 2021, Palm Springs, CA, USA (pp. 1381-1382)

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    • Involved as expert in the high school course module Lab on a Chip

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