Until 2025 I will be working on the smart ebike project together with Accell Group. The project is about developing the bicycle and cycling ecosystem, and I am working on the work package "experiences".

My research concerns understanding how people experience emerging technology in the bike space, and how technology can be realized so that it optimally enhances cycling experiences. I am mainly fascinated by human-computer integration, so that the cyclist collaborates with his bike and with other digital actors nearby. Design, implementation and evaluations of things like interfaces and applications are crucial elements to this integration. Eventually human-bike integration can lead to overall greater safety and comfort during cycling. 


  • Social Sciences

    • Cyclists
    • Flow
    • Remote Sensing
    • Technology
  • Psychology

    • Biofeedback
    • Demographics
    • Evaluation
    • Self-Report



University of Twente

Horst Complex (building no. 20), room Z222
De Horst 2
7522 LW Enschede

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