dr. M. Rosema (Martin)

Assistant Professor of Political Science

About Me

Martin Rosema is assistant professor of political science at the University of Twente. He teaches about political science, democratic legitimacy, and European politics in the bachelor and master programmes in (European) Public Administration and European Studies, while also lecturing about research methods in the pre-master programme in Psychology.

His primary research interests are elections and referendums, with a particular focus on the psychology of voting. He has published on topics such as party attachments, strategic voting, and electoral turnout. He is also an expert on voting advice applications. Other recurring themes in his research are political psychology and the quality of political representation. He is co-editor of the highly-ranked academic journal Political Psychology and an active member of several professional organisations.


Multi-Party System
European Parliament


Rosema, M. (2017). De blinde vlek van kieswijzers. B en M: tijdschrift voor beleid, politiek en maatschappij, 44(1), 95-97. DOI: 10.5553/BenM/138900692017044001016
Rosema, M., & Bakker, B. N. (2017). Social psychology and political behaviour. In L. Steg, K. Keizer, A. P. Buunk, & T. Rothengatter (Eds.), Applied Social Psychology: Understanding and Managing Social Problems (Second Edition ed., pp. 319-341). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Rosema, M. (2017). History of voting. In F. M. Moghaddam (Ed.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior (pp. 898-899). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.
Bankert, A., Huddy, L., & Rosema, M. (2017). Measuring Partisanship as a Social Identity in Multi-Party Systems. Political behavior, 39(1), 103-132. DOI: 10.1007/s11109-016-9349-5
Rosema, M. (2016). Referendumsmaken: populisme en elitisme. Democratic challenge, (p19), p19-. [p19].
Nyhuis, M., Gosselt, J. F., & Rosema, M. (2016). The psychology of electoral mobilization: a subtle priming experiment. Journal of elections, public opinion and parties, 26(3), 293-311. DOI: 10.1080/17457289.2016.1160909
Kanne, P. (Author), & Rosema, M. (Author). (2016). Ja-kamp Oekraïne-referendum heeft beter verhaal nodig. Web publication/site, Joop – opinieplatform van omroepvereniging VARA.

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