dr. M.S.D. Oostinga (Miriam)

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I want to help people reach their highest potential. To accomplish this, you need insight in your own behavior and how others respond to this. I can contribute to this by sharing knowledge about behavior to policy and practice.

In my past work as a researcher I always tried to do this. I looked at the control methods that human traffickers use to keep their victims under control, the effect of detention on the lives of (ex-)prisoners and the influence of culture on crisis negotiations. My PhD project that focused on communication error management in crisis negotiations and suspect interviews, taught me how the inner self of people can explain their behavior. In my research projects I will always look for that deeper self: why do people do what they do?


Yet, simply building a body of knowledge is not enough. Although there is merit in uncovering knowledge and sharing this within academia, ultimately society will benefit most from translating theoretical findings to the work field and make them workable. To accomplish this, it is imperative for academics to build the bridges between science, practice and policy and reach out to connect these worlds. Over the past 2 years, I have taken this ambition literally and worked outside academia to strengthen my knowledge of the worlds of policy (Ministry of Justice and Security) and practice (TwynstraGudde). These positions have taught me what the landscape of knowledge on safety in the Netherlands looks like, what political-administrative sensitivity is and above all: what challenges we face in the safety domain. In my current position I integrate my knowledge to bring policy, science and practice closer together.

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Medicine & Life Sciences
Law Enforcement
Social Sciences
Law Enforcement


Current projects:

  • Values in criminal investigations. The detectives' perception of administrative tasks
  • Augmented reality in police practice
  • Error management in crisis negotiations

Past projects:

  • Communication error management in police-civilian interactions (PhD, 2014-2017)
  • Cultural differences, influencing behavior and crisis negotiation (2013-2014)
  • Consequences of incarceration upon (ex-)prisoners (2012-2013)
  • Witness statements of human trafficking (2013)
  • Human trafficking for sexual exploitation (Master, 2012)


Oostinga, M. S. D. (2023). Negotiating the (un)expected: Using a multi-level social sciences lens to assess threat in police-civilian interactions. Abstract from International Conference on Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security, Bath, United Kingdom.

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