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Marijke Schotanus-Dijkstra (1984) is assistant professor of Positive Psychology at the University of Twente. Her expertise is build around mental health prevention with a specific focus on how to make more people flourishing. In addition to her academic activities, she has her own business in which she gives workshops and lectures at HowToFlourish. See www.howtoflourish.nl/research for publications and CV


Medicine & Life Sciences
Mental Health
Positive Psychology
Randomized Controlled Trials
Social Sciences
Mental Health


Duan, W., Klibert, J. , Schotanus-Dijkstra, M., Llorens, S., van den Heuvel, M., Mayer, C. H., Tomasulo, D., Liao, Y. , & van Zyl, L. E. (2022). Editorial: Positive psychological interventions: How, when and why they work: Beyond WEIRD contexts. Frontiers in psychology, 13, Article 1021539. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2022.1021539
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Kloos, N. , Austin, J. , Drossaert, S. , Kraiss, J., Watkins, P. , Schotanus-Dijkstra, M. , & Bohlmeijer, E. (2021). Development of a gratitude app to support people struggling with the COVID-19 crisis (+ Demonstration). Abstract from 10th Annual Conference of the Association for Researchers in Psychology and Health (ARPH) 2021.
Santini, Z. I., Torres-Sahli, M., Hinrichsen, C., Meilstrup, C., Madsen, K. R., Rayce, S. B., Baker, M. M., ten Have, M. , Schotanus-Dijkstra, M., & Koushede, V. (2020). Measuring positive mental health and flourishing in Denmark: validation of the mental health continuum-short form (MHC-SF) and cross-cultural comparison across three countries. Health and quality of life outcomes, 18(1), Article 297. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12955-020-01546-2
Schotanus-Dijkstra, M. (2019). De invloed van floreren op herstel van een angst-, stemming- of middelenstoornis. In W. Krikilion, & J. Z. T. Pieper (Eds.), Positieve psychologie en zingeving: Integratie en toepassingen (pp. 41-50). KSGV. https://www.ksgv.nl/publicaties/2-94-positieve-psychologie-en-zingeving-integratie-en-toepassingen/
Schotanus-Dijkstra, M. , Kraiss, J. T., Watkins, P. , & Bohlmeijer, E. T. (2019). The short and long-term impact of a 6-week gratitude intervention on mental health: results from a 3-armed trial. Paper presented at 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019, Melbourne, Australia.
Schotanus-Dijkstra, M., Keyes, C. L. M., de Graaf, R., & ten Have, M. (2019). Recovery from mood and anxiety disorders: The influence of positive mental health. Journal of Affective Disorders, 252, 107-113. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jad.2019.04.051

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  • Coordinator of Master course Positive Clinical Psychology
  • Lecturer and tutor at Module 4 and Module 6
  • Supervising Bachelor and Master students with their thesis

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I am regularly interviewed for Dutch magazines and newspapers and have been interviewed on radio and tv. 

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