I have a PhD degree from TU Berlin in Mathematics. My area is discrete optimization, specifically design and analysis of algorithms, algorithmic game theory, theory of scheduling. If you look for my personal website, you find that link also under the tab Contact.


  • Computer Science

    • Scheduling
    • Functions
    • Processing Time
    • Nash Equilibrium
    • Algorithms
  • Social Sciences

    • Anarchy
    • Prices
    • Equilibrium Model


Ancillary activities

  • ElsevierEditorial Work
  • ElsevierEditorial Work
  • INFORMSEditorial Work
  • PWNCommittee Work
  • PWNCommittee Work
  • SpringerEditorial Work

My research is on the design and analysis of algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems such as scheduling, resource allocation or network routing problems. Part of my research in on optimization under uncertainty. In situations of conflict and multiple economic agents, I also analyze the quality of equilibria, as well as the design and analysis of mechanisms. The leading motive of my research is provable performance guarantees, and worst or average case analysis.

I also work as editor for Operations Research Letters, Discrete Optimization, and the Journal of Scheduling.


Power surplus solutions for weighted hypergraph communication situationsInternational transactions in operational research, 29(6), 3346-3369. Li, X., Joosten, R., Uetz, M. & Li, Y. memoriam Gerhard WoegingerJournal of scheduling, 25(5), 503-505. Lenstra, J. K., Rendl, F., Spieksma, F. & Uetz, M. Memoriam Gerhard WoegingerOperations research letters, 50(3), iii. Lenstra, J. K., Rendl, F., Spieksma, F. & Uetz, M. Price of Anarchy for Weighted Congestion Games with Two PlayersIn Combinatorial Optimization: 7th International Symposium, ISCO 2022, Virtual Event, May 18–20, 2022, Revised Selected Papers (pp. 159-171). Springer. van den Bosse, J., Uetz, M. & Walter, M.

Research profiles

I teach courses in the BSc programmes Technical Mathematics and Technical Computer Science, the MSC program in Applied Mathematics, the Dutch Mastermath and LNMB programmes, as well as one course in the MSc program on Civil Engineering. I am also Module coordinator for the module Discrete Structures and Efficient Algorithms.

Affiliated study programs

Courses academic year 2023/2024

Courses in the current academic year are added at the moment they are finalised in the Osiris system. Therefore it is possible that the list is not yet complete for the whole academic year.

Courses academic year 2022/2023

In the press

In 2015 I've written a so-called summer lecture for the on research in Game Theory and its relation to traffic: Waarom wiskunde? Omdat je het spel strategisch wilt spelen

In 2015, my MSc student Loes Knoben received media attention for her work on the S-Bahn challenge in Berlin with the Konrad-Zuse Zentrum (ZIB) Berlin. Next to an interview in the Coen&Sander show, that appeared in the Berliner Morgenpost, SĂźddeutsche Zeitung, and the Volkskrant

Another of my MSc students, Femia van Stiphout, went to the UPC Barcelona for her internship in 2015, to work on firefighter problems.

And yet another MSc student, Dorien Meijer-Cluwen, has worked in her MSc thesis of 2015 on a dynamic assignment of lectures to lecture rooms.


University of Twente

Zilverling (building no. 11), room 4034
Hallenweg 19
7522 NH Enschede

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