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Multiplexed Organ on a Chip

The main limitation of the current drug testing is the lack of appropriate models that adequately mimic the human environment. Conventional cell culturing and animal models are not suitable for correct drug testing being either too simple or not physiologically relevant to the human organism. Therefore, an organ-on-a-chip (OOC) system has gained a significant interest among the scientist as an alternative to the conventional studies of the human organs and its reaction on different stimuli (e.g. drugs). However, one of the significant disadvantages of existing OOC models is their low throughput, thus, it is not possible to test different experimental stimuli in parallel, limiting readout possibilities.

The aim of this research is to develop a parallelized, standardized and automated model suitable for multiplexing of organ-on-a-chip systems with further integrated sensors for simultaneous, real-time analysis of the effect of different stimuli on the barrier function. This high-throughput screening platform may enhance the drug screening process and help to minimize the animal experiments.

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