As programme manager of the Molecules Centre, I am looking to establish and strengthen connections with industrial and academic partners.

My personal research interests are in using chemical tools and models to understand biochemical phenomena: surface chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and multivalency, virology, and biosensors.


  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

    • Influenza Virus
    • Surface Property
    • Neuraminidase
    • Virus
    • Receptor Density
    • Hemagglutinin
    • Host
    • Protein



Receptor Density-Dependent Motility of Influenza Virus Particles on Surface GradientsACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 15(20), 25066-25076. Hamming, P. H. E., Overeem, N. J., Diestelhorst, K., Fiers, T., Tieke, M., Vos, G. M., Boons, G. J. P. H., Van Der Vries, E., Block, S. & Huskens, J.
Hierarchical Multivalent Effects Control Influenza Host SpecificityACS Central Science, 6(12), 2311-2318. Overeem, N. J., Hamming, P. H. E., Grant, O. C., Di Iorio, D., Tieke, M., Bertolino, M. C., Li, Z., Vos, G., De Vries, R. P., Woods, R. J., Tito, N. B., Boons, G. J. P. H., Van Der Vries, E. & Huskens, J. Binding of Molecules and Nanoparticles at Receptor-Modified Supported Lipid Bilayer Gradients in a Microfluidic DeviceChemistrySelect, 5(31), 9799-9805. Overeem, N. J., Hamming, P. H. (. & Huskens, J. Influenza as a molecular walker (Chemical Science (2020) 11 (27–36) DOI: 10.1039/c9sc05149j)Chemical science, 11(9), 2567-2567. Hamming, P. H. E., Overeem, N. J. & Huskens, J. as a molecular walkerChemical science, 11(1), 27-36. Hamming, P. H. (., Overeem, N. J. & Huskens, J.

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University of Twente

Carré (building no. 15), room C4055
Hallenweg 23
7522 NH Enschede

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