Nof is an external PhD candidate in the Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability at the University of Twente. She holds a Master's degree in Integrated Water Resources Management from the TH Köln in Germany and a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from the University of Jordan in Amman.

After graduation, Nof spent two years in the non-governmental organization sector, implementing water and sanitation projects. This hands-on experience in water management in the Global South, coupled with her involvement in international development and cooperation, laid a solid foundation for her academic pursuits.

In 2019, Nof moved to Germany to start her master's studies. Her master's thesis explored the transition to water circularity, analysing institutional enablers and barriers to enhancing the legitimacy of circular water technologies in Westland, the Netherlands. This work was part of the H2020-EU funded "NEXTGEN" project and her internship at KWR Water Research Institute.

Her doctoral research will focus on integrating context-sensitive governance arrangements, applying systems thinking, upholding justice principles, and ensuring long-term sustainability in climate adaptation management within the water sector.


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