I am a landscape ecologist motivated to conduct and link scientific research with applied spatial ecology and conservation. I have been involved in multidisciplinary work, including alpine and coastal phytogeomorphology and Environmental Niche Modelling for the conservation of priority species and habitats.
Over the last few years, I have explored the use of close-range photogrammetry and UAV systems (UAS) in biodiversity mapping and ecological monitoring. I also strive to include these topics in education and capacity-building projects aiming at the sustainable use and management of natural resources.



Identification of potential rockfall sources using UAV-derived point cloudBulletin of engineering geology and the environment, 80(8), 6539-6561. Albarelli, D. S. N. A., Mavrouli, O. C. & Nyktas, P.https://doi.org/10.1007/s10064-021-02306-2Using automated vegetation cover estimation from close-range photogrammetric point clouds to compare vegetation location properties in mountain terrainGIScience & remote sensing, 58(1), 120-137. Niederheiser, R., Winkler, M., Di Cecco, V., Erschbamer, B., Fernández, R., Geitner, C., Hofbauer, H., Kalaitzidis, C., Klingraber, B., Lamprecht, A., Lorite, J., Nicklas, L., Nyktas, P., Pauli, H., Stanisci, A., Steinbauer, K., Theurillat, J.-P., Vittoz, P. & Rutzinger, M.https://doi.org/10.1080/15481603.2020.1859264Altitudinal Vascular Plant Richness and Climate Change in the Alpine Zone of the Lefka Ori, CreteDiversity, 13(1), Article 22, 1-16. Kazakis, G., Ghosn, D., Remoundou, I., Nyktas, P., Talias, M. & Vogiatzakis, I.https://doi.org/10.3390/d13010022

Research profiles

The bulk of my educational activities are linked to the MSc programme "Master Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation":

- Designing and coordination of the first course of the Natural Resources Management "(NRM) specialisation, "NRM FUNdamentals".

- Co-coordinating the NRM specialisation course "Geospatial Mapping for Natural Resources", where I lead the part of in-situ data collection design and field methods.

- Teaching in the course "Species Distribution and Environmental Niche Modelling"

- Teaching in the course "Environmental Assessment using Spatial Decision Support and Advanced Earth Observation Tools

Courses academic year 2023/2024

Courses in the current academic year are added at the moment they are finalised in the Osiris system. Therefore it is possible that the list is not yet complete for the whole academic year.

Courses academic year 2022/2023


University of Twente

Langezijds (building no. 19), room 1111
Hallenweg 8
7522 NH Enschede

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