dr.ir. R.G.J. Damgrave (Roy)

Assistant Professor


Product Development
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
Human Robot Interaction
Product Design
Virtual Reality
Intellectual Property


Recent Articles
Damgrave, R. G. J., Dankers, W., van Houten, F. J. A. M., Lutters, D., & Wendrich, R. E. (2014). Virtual Reality Lab. In J.W. Drukker (Ed.), Virtual Reality Lab (pp. -). University of Twente.
Vaneker, T. H. J., Damgrave, R. G. J., & Kuster, J. (2013). TRIZ as an enabler for intellectual property protection during product development. In A. Aoussat, D. Cavallucci, & M. Trella (Eds.), TRIZ future conference 2013: proceedings of the 13th ETRIA world TRIZ future conference 2013 (pp. -). Paris, France.
Damgrave, R. G. J., & Lutters, D. (2013). Distance collaboration support environment. In Abramovici, M., & Stark, R. (Eds.), CIRP Design Conference (pp. 653-662). Bochum, Germany: Springer Verlag.
Damgrave, R. G. J., Lutters, D., & van Houten, F. J. A. M. (2013). The Virtual Reality Lab as a Synthetic Environment: from strategic approach to practical implement. In M. Abramovici, & R. Stark (Eds.), CIRP Design Conference (pp. 787-796). Bochum, Germany: Springer Verlag.
Binczewski, A., Glowiak, M., Idzikowski, B., Strozyk, M., Skotarczai, E., Vos, M., ... Lyonnais, M. (2013). Long-distance Human-Robot Interaction with 3D UHDTV 60p video supported by VISIONAIR. In R. Torrenti, N. Tran, & H. Hrasnica (Eds.), Proceedings of NEM summit (pp. 15-18). Heidelberg, Germany: Eurescom GmbH.

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The Netherlands

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