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  • Physics

    • Convection
    • Model
    • Heat Transfer
    • Rotation
    • Boundary Layer
    • Regimes
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

    • Large Eddy Simulation
    • Turbine



Rotation and confinement in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection. University of Twente. Hartmann, R. turbine sound propagation: Comparison of a linearized Euler equations model with parabolic equation methodsThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 154(3), 1413-1426. Colas, J., Emmanuelli, A., Dragna, D., Blanc-Benon, P., Cotté, B. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. heat transport in rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection at large Rayleigh numbersPhysical review fluids, 8(8), Article 083501 . Hartmann, R., Yerragolam, G. S., Verzicco, R., Lohse, D. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. Mean Wind and Potential Temperature Flux Profiles in Convective Boundary LayersJournal of the atmospheric sciences, 80(8), 1893-1903. Liu, L., Gadde, S. N. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. of airflow rate on CO2 concentration in downflow indoor ventilation. Yerragolam, G. S., Yang, R., Stevens, R. J. A. M., Verzicco, R. & Lohse, D.Understanding wind farm power densitiesJournal of fluid mechanics, 958, Article F1. Stevens, R. J. A. M. the impact of atmospheric boundary layer stratification on wind farm noise propagationIn Forum Acusticum 2023 - 10th Convention of the European Acoustics Association, EAA 2023. European Acoustics Association. Colas, J., Dragna, D., Emmanuelli, A., Blanc-Benon, P., Cotté, B. & Stevens, R.
Analytical model of fully developed wind farms in conventionally neutral atmospheric boundary layersJournal of fluid mechanics, 948, Article A43, 1-18. Li, C., Liu, L., Lu, X. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. simulations of the interaction between wind farms and mesoscale effects. University of Twente. Stieren, A. of Negative Geostrophic Wind Shear on Wind Farm PerformancePRX Energy, 1(2), Article 023007. Stieren, A., Kasper, J. H., Gadde, S. N. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. wind farm blockage in a neutral boundary layer using large-eddy simulationsEuropean journal of mechanics. B - Fluids, 95, 303-314. Strickland, J. M. I. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. farm blockage in a stable atmospheric boundary layerRenewable energy, 197, 50-58. Strickland, J. M. I., Gadde, S. N. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. dynamics of anisotropic particles in homogeneous and shear flows. University of Twente. Assen, M. P. A. small-scale flow structures affect the heat transport in sheared thermal convectionJournal of fluid mechanics, 944, Article A1. Yerragolam, G. S., Verzicco, R., Lohse, D. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. of wind farm wakes on flow structures in and around downstream wind farmsFlow, 2, Article E21. Stieren, A. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. scalar transport in Couette flowJournal of fluid mechanics, 943, Article A17, 1-21. Yerragolam, G. S., Stevens, R. J. A. M., Verzicco, R., Lohse, D. & Shishkina, O. gravity induces large-scale flow patterns in spherical Rayleigh–Bénard convectionJournal of fluid mechanics, 942, Article A21. Wang, G., Santelli, L., Verzicco, R., Lohse, D. & Stevens, R. J. A. M. of a 2D Hill on the Propagation of Wind Turbine NoiseIn AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Article AIAA 2022-2923. Colas, J., Emmanuelli, A., Dragna, D., Stevens, R. & Blanc-Benon, P.

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