Hans de Jong is currently pursuing his PhD degree at the Radio Systems group of the University of Twente. He received his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering at the NHL (Leeuwarden) in 2012. After working in industry as a Design Engineer at Raven Industries (Middenmeer), he completed his Master in Embedded Systems at the University of Twente (Enschede) in 2019.

Hans is active in the ZERO research project by NWO. The objective of the ZERO project is to build energy autonomous IoT systems that utilize energy harvesting, power management and low power design techniques to enable battery-free IoT devices.

Within this project scope, Hans is investigating how to optimally utilize backscatter radio for wireless sensor networks. Backscatter communication has some very desirable properties such as ultra low power data transmission, however, also imposes new challenges in effective utilization.  Hans his current research interests are in ultra-low power design, improving the robustness of backscatter communication and improving the scalability of such backscatter based networks.


  • Computer Science

    • Communication
    • Incident
    • Hardware
    • Receiver Sensitivity
  • Physics

    • Diode
    • Calculation
    • Communications
    • Variations


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