• Material Science

    • Composite Material
    • Strain
    • Sensor
  • Physics

    • Vibration
    • Model
    • Detection
    • Frequencies
    • Structural Health Monitoring



Demodulation-derived damage metrics for nonlinear wave modulation-based health monitoring of structures, Article 110749. Ehsani, M., Sepehry, N., Shamshirsaz, M., Sadighi, M. & Loendersloot, R. Bond Graphs for Correct Prognostics. Keizers, L. S., Loendersloot, R. & Tinga, T.A Comparison of Optical Sensing Systems with Piezo-Electric Sensors for Impact Identification of Composite PlatesIn Proceedings of the 14th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring 2023: Designing SHM for Sustainability, Maintainability, and Reliability (pp. 1127-1133). DEStech Publications, Inc. Ribeiro Marinho, N., Loendersloot, R., Tinga, T., Grooteman, F. & Wiegman, J. W.Selection of a suitable wear model for implementation in a generic rail damage function, 1-16. Meghoe, A. A., Loendersloot, R. & Tinga, T.Exploiting high frequency waves for SHM using 3D SLDV system: what can we learn more?In Measuring by Light 2023. Ribeiro Marinho, N., Di Maio, D., Loendersloot, R. & Tinga, T.Validation of a physics-based prognostic model with incomplete data: a rail wear case study, Article 3283, 1-16. Meghoe, A. A., Loendersloot, R. & Tinga, T. scaled boundary finite element method to simulate Lamb wave health monitoring of homogeneous structures: Experiment and modelling, Article 106892. Ehsani, M., Shamshirsaz, M., Sadighi, M., Sepehry, N. & Loendersloot, R.

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