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dr. Raymond Loohuis is a senior lecturer & researcher at NIKOS (department for entrepreneurship, strategy & innovation management). Raymond teaches strategy, business marketing and new technology development in undergraduate (IBA), graduate (BA) and minor programs at the University of Twente. Besides advancing the students knowledge in the various scientific domains, Raymond is especially driven to develop enterprise skills amongst his students so that they are best prepared to deal with contemporary challenges in public and industrial organizations in their future careers. Some examples of enteprise skills are the ability to set up strategic partnerships and networks, strategize with new technology and learn to design novel solutions to contemporary societal or industrial challenges, for instance within the University inGenious project. 

Raymond's research interest is driven by the questions how businesses or start ups can strategize succesfully with new technology in networks and strategic partnerships, for instance in the era of Industry 4.0. The key assumption in this endavour is that existing practices at the micro, meso and macro level can be fairly persistent and as such, require specific tactics and narratives to disclose ongoing practices so that they open up for change.

Besides being a teacher and researcher, Raymond is also a member of the Fraunhofer Project Center business team. This team is specifically founded to support small and medium size industrial firms in the Twente Region to help them integrating smart technology with their business value strategy.   

Before Raymond joined the University of Twente, he obtained professional experience as business manager in various occupations in industrial firms mainly operating in the European Automotive and Aviation industry. On this basis, Raymond is able to combine a scientific approach with his practical background knowledge which has proven to be important to make strong sense of collaborative industry-university relationships at various levels.



Ad Hoc
Industrial Enterprise
Black Box
Value Creation
Video Game Industry
Social Movements
Sustainable Development
Collective Behavior
Social Construction
Social Entrepreneurship


Grohn, J., Loohuis, R. P. A., & Kijl, B. (2017). Exploring how technological and social drivers affect the experience of co-creation in the video game industry. Paper presented at Servitization 2017: 6h International Conference on Business Servitization 2017, Barcelona, Spain.
Loohuis, R. P. A., & Ehrenhard, M. L. (2014). A socio-material perspective on temporal work: practice breakdowns during strategic upheaval. Paper presented at 74th Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2014, Philadelphia, United States.

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