dr.ir. R.S. de Graaf (Robin)

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Robin de Graaf is Assistant Professor at the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. His teaching, research and projects focus on the design management of construction projects in general, and on Systems Engineering and Value Management in particular. Robin has an MSc in Civil Engineering & Management and a PhD in Strategic Urban Planning.


Social Sciences
Strategic Planning
Systems Engineering
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Circular Economy
Civil Engineering
Development Project
Electronic Waste
Residential Building


My research is aimed at the implementation of Collaborative Design Management methods, tools and techniques in organisations in the civil engineering industry.

Collaborative Design Management is a way of management that is focused on collaboration and ensures that the right information is delivered to the designers at the right moment, and in the right from.

Adequate Collaborative Design Management ensures that all involved stakeholders know what to do, when, how, and why. This will result in lower Total Costs of Ownership, faster design processes and higher quality.

In my research I focus on the integration of disciplines, departments and stages during the design process. Collaborative Design Management methods that have my specific interests are Systems Engineering and Value Management.


de Graaf, R. S., & Hendriksen, T. (2020). Adopting Value Management in the Organisation: Challenges for VM Champions. In SAVE International 2020 Value Summit PROCEEDINGS (pp. 76). Curran Associates Inc..
de Graaf, R. S. (2020). Improving learning outcomes of small groups working on an engineering design-assignment during lectures. In J. van der Veen, N. van Hattum-Janssen, H-M. Järvinen, T. de Laet, & I. ten Dam (Eds.), Engaging, Engineering, Education: Book of Abstracts, SEFI 48th Annual Conference University of Twente (online), 20-24 September, 2020 (pp. 217-227). University of Twente. https://www.4tu.nl/cee/publications/423-sefi2020-de-graaf.pdf
Kinneging, T. , Siebelink, S. , de Graaf, R., & van Dijck, T. (2020). The documentation of design decisions in engineering projects: A study in infrastructure development. International journal of information systems and project management, 8(1), 44-64. https://doi.org/10.12821/ijispm080103
Entrop, B. , de Graaf, R. S., & Janssen, R. (2017). An Explorative Study on Assessing Onsite Energy Use during the Construction of Residential Buildings. Journal of civil engineering and architecture research, 4(4).
van den Berg, M. C., Hartmann, T. , & de Graaf, R. S. (2017). Supporting design reviews with pre-meeting virtual reality environments. Journal of information technology in construction, 22(16), 305-321. http://www.itcon.org/paper/2017/16
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Workgroup Training and Education in Systems Engineering

Special Interest Group on Value Management (DACE)

Workgroup Certification and Training in Value Management (DACE)

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University of Twente
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