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I am a researcher at the Human Media Interaction (HMI) group of the University of Twente. I received an MSc degree in Human Media Interaction and an MSc in Industrial Design Engineering (Emerging Technology Design track), and a PhD on my work on "(Steering) Interactive Play Behavior". I focus my research on interactive whole body interaction and persuasion during play, where we look at various contexts from stimulating movement to transforming social interactions, and from doing this for children to elderly.


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I am currently employed as a assistant professor at HMI & CreaTe. The educational activities mainly involve Bachelor's students from Creative Technology and Master's students from the Human Media Interaction programme at the University of Twente. In have taught the course Game Design and am part of New Media module, am regurarly involved in the course Design of Persuasive Health Technologies and the module Intelligent Interaction Design. This latter module is related to UX and focuses on grounded design decisions and evaluations of interactive systems. In the alternative track Bachelor's students from Business \& IT and Technical Computer Science programmes also participate. Furthermore, I set up and teach in the course on Games, Media and UX together with teachers from Utrecht University, a course for highschool computer science teachers.

I (co-)supervise a number of BSc and MSc students on topics related to interactive play and gaming. In total I have currently tutored numerous (>20) student projects, 10 Bachelor's theses (13 Creative Technology and 1 Computer Science student), and 1 Master's thesis, from which three projects have led to peer-reviewed full papers. Occasionally I also give guest lectures on other topics, such as designing for people with special needs, using embodied interaction for teaching, or the use of pervasive technology.

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