S. Asgarpour MSc (Sahand)

PhD Candidate

About Me

I have gained my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Tehran. I continued my studies in the master of Construction Management and Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e), with the master thesis subject that aimed to improve 3D concrete printing process. After working for about one year and a half as a junior asset manager at the consultancy firm Arcadis, my interest to conduct research got me back to university.

I started my PhD in April 2018 in the project Responsible Infrastructure for Responsive Institutions (RITRI), a collaboration with knowledge institute NGInfra and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG). In UT, we aim to identify and model infrastructure interdependencies, in order to support strategic decision-makers in infrastructure agencies to detect opportunities for joint investment and coordination.


Business & Economics
Agent-Based Model
Alternative Energy
Climate Change
Environmental Development
Investment Portfolio
Specific Investments


Asgarpour, S., & Neef, R. (2019). Op weg naar een responsieve infrastructuur. NGinfraMagazine, (2), 43-45.
Asgarpour, S. , & Hartmann, A. (2019). Detecting Joint Investment among interdependent infrastructure systems. In P. Chinowsky, & J. Taylor (Eds.), Proceedings of the Engineering Project Organization Conference, EPOC 2019: 25-27 June 2019, Vail, Colorado, USA (Working Paper Proceedings; Vol. 2019). EPOS. https://epossociety.org/epoc-2019

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University of Twente
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University of Twente
Faculty of Engineering Technology
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