dr. S.M. Dennerlein (Sebastian)

Assistant Professor

About Me

For 10 years, my interdisciplinary research has focused on the co-design of innovations and evolution of respective practices in the field of technology enhanced learning (TEL). Thereby, I investigated the role of digital tools for self- and socially-regulated learning in experimental (e.g. validation of the co-evolution model of cognitive and social systems in a field study) as well as design-oriented studies (e.g., co-design of an informal sense and meaning making tool), and application domains included formal (e.g. university) and informal (e.g., healthcare) contexts.

My current focus at University Twente is on understanding and supporting learning processes as part of working and innovating from a systemic socio-cognitive, -technological and cultural perspective. The study of interprofessional learning communities in the energy transition (e.g., Gas Erop/ Hit the Gas project ) illustrates the importance of researching individual and collaborative learning processes to face today's grand challenges. Ethical reflection in agile development (ethical-by-design) is given special attention in my work. This way, I want to sustainably impact the way we work and learn.

As part of my preceding PostDoc Position at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), I initiated and established the successful innovation program “TEL Marketplace” for the sustainable transformation of TEL research into teaching and learning practice. This included the development of methods for the strategic selection of promising funding projects as well as their monitoring and guidance during collaborative design and implementation: e.g., the University Innovation Dartboard and Canvas. These methods draw and build upon approaches of entrepreneurship as well as participatory and activity theoretical perspectives.


Collaborative Learning
Engineering & Materials Science
Social Sciences


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Dennerlein, S. M., Tomberg, V., Treasure-Jones, T., Theiler, D., Lindstaedt, S., & Ley, T. (2020). Co-designing tools for workplace learning: A method for analysing and tracing the appropriation of affordances in design-based research. Information and Learning Science, 121(3-4), 175-205. https://doi.org/10.1108/ILS-09-2019-0093

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