dr. S.I. Cammers-Goodwin (Sage)

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I am an advocate of the applied approach to philosophy of technology. In my work, I explore the real world impacts of technological advancement on the human condition, while advocating for stakeholders usually excluded from the implementation process. My current research centers on how to ethically implement holography (think "3D vision") from wireless networks.

Prior research topics have included the discriminatory epistemology of the "smart" city (AKA who gets to decide who or what is smart), the metaphysics of smart infrastructure (is a bridge still just a bridge when it gains sensing capabilities), what policies need to be developed to make the smart city visible to the public, the impacts of "opening" smart city data, and the dangers of seeing technological advancements as a fundamental good. 

Prior to my doctoral research, I studied computer science and symbolic systems at Stanford University. This experience gave me the language and knowledge to work smoothly across fields of research with diverse teams. 


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My research centers on smart cities and necessary policies as internet of things (IoT) technology becomes ubiquitously (and sometimes discriminatorily) implemented. I am currently working on the ethics team of HOLDEN, an EU based grant working to ethically implement holography through dense wireless networks. 

My prior research on smart cities was a part the BRIDE (BRIdging Data in the built Environment) project. The case study for that work was the Dutch sensor embedded MX3D 3D printed stainless steel bridge. My PhD dissertation on that work can be found here: https://ris.utwente.nl/ws/portalfiles/portal/303879463/Thesis.pdf 

Previously, I researched the responsibility of tech corporations to invest in economic security. This culminated in my master's thesis, which was published in UCI Law Review: "Tech:" The Curse and the Cure. 

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University of Twente
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