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Activation Function
Neural Networks
Rate Of Convergence
Regression Estimate
Business & Economics
Neural Networks
Rate Of Convergence
Engineering & Materials Science
Deep Neural Networks


Kohler, M., Krzyzak, A. , & Langer, S. (2022). Estimation of a function of low local dimensionality by deep neural networks. IEEE transactions on information theory, 68(6), 4032-4042. https://doi.org/10.1109/TIT.2022.3146620
Braun, A., Kohler, M. , Langer, S., & Walk, H. (2021). The smoking gun: Statistical theory improves neural network estimates. arXiv.org.
Langer, S. (2020). Ein Beitrag zur Statistischen Theorie des Deep Learnings. Verlag Dr. Hut.

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