S. Liang (Shuang)

Guest Associate Professor

About Me

Dr. Shuang Liang is a guest associate professor and data analyst at the University of Twente. She obtained PhD in Internet Communication from Beijing Normal University (2019). Her principal research interests are concerned with persuasive communication and media psychology, measuring how digital media/ technology affects users’ behavioural, cognitive, and affective changes.

In recent three years, she got support from the National Social Science Foundation of China (the highest funding in the social science area in China, 2022-2024, €28,938; <5% win rate), Beijing Municipal Education Foundation (2021-2023, €25,863; <12% win rate).

Focus on media psychology and neuroscience, she published more than 20 papers in SSCI/SCI/CSSCI list journals (in English or Chinese), including the Journal of Environmental and Public Health (SSCI & SCI), Chinese Journalism and Communication (CSSCI Top-2).


Other Contributions

[1] Huang C., Yan D., Liang S.* (2023). The relationship between information dissemination channels, health belief, and COVID-19 vaccination intention: evidence from China. Journal of Environmental and Public Health (SSCI & SCI). https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jeph/2023/6915125/

[2] Liang S.* (2023). The contextualised interaction of mobile fitness application users experience and the imagination of the absence of the body. Chinese Journalism and Communication (CSSCI-top2), (04), 91-115.

[3] Liang S., Xiu L. Yu G*. (2021). Understanding the role of context and motivation in mobile fitness application user satisfaction, presented at the 74th Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA). Denver, America (Virtual Conference). 27/5/2021-31/5/2021. https://www.icamobile.org/ica-2021

[4] Liang S., (2021). Research framework and model construction: measurement of media user experience based on cognitive neuroscience and communication paradigm. Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (Social Sciences Edition). 23(4):1-7. https://journalsk.bupt.edu.cn/EN/10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2021.0009

[5] Liang S., Liu S*. (2021). “Media Malaise” or “Media Promotion”: A Quantitative Research on New Media Usage, Personal Identity and Government Trust in China, presented at the International Association of Media and Communication Research Conference (IAMCR). Nairobi, Kenya. (Virtual Conference). 11/7/2021-15/7/2021.

[6] Liang S., Yu G. * (2021). The influence of media use motivation and context on user experience: an effect measurement based on cognitive neuroscience and communication. Journalism Research (CSSCI-top 3), (01), 89-102+121.

[7] Liang S.*, Khleang D. (2020). Media Resilience under the Incomplete Adaptive Cycle in Contemporary China, presented at the 73th Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA). Sydney, Australia (Virtual Conference). 21/5/2020-25/5/2020.

[8] Liang S., Xiu L. Yu G*. (2020). A behavioral study of how context and motivation influence fitness mobile application user experience, presented the International Association of Media and Communication Research Conference (IAMCR). Tampere, Finland (Virtual Conference).12/7/2020-16/7/2020.

[9] Huang C. Liang S. (2021). Introduction to New media (second edition). Beijing: Communication University of China Press, February 2021 (978-7-557-2835-8).


  • Measurement Method of Communication Effect (for MA students);
  • Quantitative Research Method (for MA students);
  • Media Psychology (for BA students);
  • Introduction to Journalism (for BA students).

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University of Twente
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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